Neon! Gemstones! Yes! We love summer style because we are totally allowed to wear neon in the morning, afternoon, and evening. If you’re not ready to go for the fluorescent yellow romper, maybe you can start things off with a little pop of neon in the accessory department.

Read on to find out how to turn basic rhinestone accessories into neon gemstone jewelry. The secret? Nail polish!

 – rhinestone accessories

– neon nail polish

– nail polish remover

– paint brush

– wax paper

We’ll start with our nail polish. We used a neon variety from American Apparel. So bright!

As for the jewelry, we recommend hitting up stores like Claire’s, Forever 21, and the like. You can find really affordable items that you won’t mind painting over. The cheesier and sparklier, the better :)

Place a piece of wax paper over your work surface. Drop a little bit of paint on the wax paper and use a paint brush to start painting.

Depending on the polish, you may need to do two layers. You can also seal with a quick dry coat if you’re wanting to rock your necklace in the next 20 minutes.

Look at all that neon! As you can see, we didn’t paint every rhinestone, just a few. To switch colors, use nail polish remover to clean your brush. We recommend pouring a little bit into the cap of your nail polish remover.

We love it against a simple black top. It’s the perfect pop of color.

Next up, we painted a pair of dangly earrings.

As well as a cute pair of drop earrings, a ring, and a rhinestone headband.

You might not want to wear everything at once, but all of these pieces look pretty festive together.

Like with the necklace, the earrings add a great pop of color to any outfit.

We love the mix of chain, rhinestones, and feather-like shapes.

Here’s Brit rocking a little bit of everything!

We have to admit, the necklace is definitely our favorite.

With the earrings at a close second.

And the headband would be great for an ’80s themed Gatsby party. Wait, I think we just invented the best new party theme ever.

Which of these pieces is your favorite? Have you used nail polish in other unconventional ways? Talk to us in the comments below.