If mom and dad have a Netflix account, it’s looking like you might want to start negotiating how to get back on their plan. In a note to shareholders sent out on Tuesday, it was announced that Netflix will be increasing their prices yet again. This time, longtime users who’ve been receiving the slightly cheaper rate of $7.99 a month will soon be asked to shell out $9.99 a month. If you straight up refuse, you can do so but there’s a catch.


If you’re not down to shell out an extra $2 a month to keep your Jessica Jones addiction going strong, you’ll still be able to stream movies and TV shows, but they won’t be in high definition. And I mean, what’s the point of watching Gossip Girl for the 1,000th time is if Chuck’s face isn’t in HD? Naturally, this news comes shortly after Netflix announced details about all the ways they plan to increase video quality and decrease buffering time in 2016.

Over the course of a year, that means customers who used to pay $96 a year will now be paying $120. There’s no mention as to when exactly this change is set to take place, but you might want to keep that “for emergencies only” piggybank close by.

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