One of the best innovations in cable television was the release of picture-in-picture watching. You used it while wanting to keep an eye on something — maybe a baseball game or American Idol — while doing or watching something else. Now, Netflix is taking this multitasking feature and finally giving to everyone who binge watches on their iPad.

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In the newest Netflix update available in the app store, users are able to continue watching their programs while doing something else. When users enable the picture-in-picture mode, the show or movie they’re watching will shrink to thumbnail size. Users can resize or drag the mini-screen anywhere they want. To go back to the program, users just tap the thumbnail and it will expand to fit the entire screen. This viewing option only works on the iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini 2 and any of their later versions.

Apple made the function available to developers last year with the release of iOS 9. Several video streaming apps, including Hulu, have already implemented it. But we’re excited to finally have Netflix on board and are imagining endless possibilities for this technology: Watching Bob Ross paint in one corner while digitally recreating the scene on your own or iMessaging friends all your reactions from the new season of Orange Is the New Black.

However you use it, binge watching is about to get a whole lot more productive.

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