It鈥檚 not hard to get lost scrolling through Netflix鈥檚 7,000+ titles. Even with amazing new and trendy shows highlighted for your convenience, it鈥檚 tricky finding one that perfectly captures your personality, interests and mood (RIP Sharknado 2 night). For anyone who鈥檚 feeling the effects of a TV rut, we鈥檝e got 12 Netflix shows curated for your horoscope.



1. Californication: Aries鈥 independence and (at times) selfishness is captured perfectly in this fast-paced television drama starring David Duchovny. Watch Hank Moody, a self-loathing and alcoholic writer, attempt to repair his damaged relationships though seven seasons of non-stop drama, intrigue and, of course, sex. Warning: This is not a show you want to watch with the kiddos! (Photo via Netflix)


Jessica Jones

2. Jessica Jones: Marvel鈥檚 gritty new project is already making headlines for being the show to watch this season. Jessica Jones is a hot-tempered ex-superhero who is working hard to rebuild her life when she鈥檚 suddenly dragged back into the hero business. It鈥檚 the perfect storyline for the perseverant and stubborn Taurus. (Photo via Netflix/IMDB)


Gilmore Girls

3. Gilmore Girls: Split personality? Overtly friendly? Fast-talking? Gilmore Girls might just be the iconic Gemini flick. With Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel鈥檚 magical chemistry and a mile-long train of drama to decipher, it鈥檚 a sure-win for any Gemini鈥檚 cozy night in. (Photo via Netflix)



4. Marvel鈥檚 Daredevil: There鈥檚 always more than meets the eye with Cancers. This 2015 adaptation of a comic book classic is incredible. A blind lawyer-turned-vigilante protects the streets of Hell鈥檚 Kitchen, all while keeping his day job. Can you say #squadgoals? (Photo via IMDB)


The Walking Dead

5. The Walking Dead: Rick Grimes is an iconic Leo. He鈥檚 tough, confident and in charge, even when the world is literally falling apart. This apocalyptic drama features everything you could ask for in a flick: psychological complexity, intriguing characters and makeup effects so realistic, you鈥檒l believe you鈥檙e actually in a zombie apocalypse. (Photo via Netflix)


Doctor Who

6. Doctor Who: When a 2,000-year-old time-and-space-traveling doctor shows up on your TV queue, you鈥檇 better click on it. This iconic BBC franchise that started in 1963 is perfect for a Virgo鈥檚 analytic mind 鈥 just make sure you get back to the police box in time. (Photo via Netflix)



7. Sherlock: To Sherlock Holmes, everything is solvable, including the mysteries of 21st-century London. The iconic Conan Doyle characters get a revamp in this fast-talking remake that flawlessly captures Libra鈥檚 need for balance and justice. (Photo via Netflix)



8. Fringe: Scorpio鈥檚 intense and penetrative mind will love this brain teaser. Created by J.J. Abrams, it follows a female FBI agent (played by Anna Torv) who is forced to work with an institutionalized scientist (John Noble) to decipher the unexplained and unnatural. (Photo via Netflix)


Parks and Rec

9. Parks and Recreation: Leslie Knope of the Pawnee Parks Department is a true Sagittarius: She鈥檚 independent, quirky and good things just seem to happen to her. Follow her daily jaunts with this seven-season, laugh-until-you-pee comedy featuring everyone you wished you worked with. (Photo via Netflix)


House of Cards

10. House of Cards: Frank Underwood is taking Washington by storm and exacting his revenge on everyone from cabinet members to POTUS himself. Starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, it鈥檚 the perfect series for the ambitious Capricorn. (Photo via Netflix)


Garfunkel and Oates 1

11. Garfukel and Oates: You鈥檒l never find a true Aquarius following a crowd, which is why this quirky Portlandia-esque comedy is a perfect pairing. Watch Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci play both themselves and their musical comedy alter-egos (Garfunkel and Oates, named for two rock-and roll 鈥渟econd bananas鈥) in this one-of-a-kind comedic must-watch. (Photo via IFC)



12. Lost: It has been said that Pisces live in two worlds: the real physical world and the spiritual/mystical world. There are certainly enough worlds and dimensions in this classic J.J. Abrams flick to keep a Pisces interested. Plus, it鈥檚 never a bad idea to spend a night with Hollywood heartthrobs like Josh Holloway, Naveen Andrews and Matthew Fox! But be warned: Spoilers are everywhere online. (Photo via Netflix)

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