If you were certain that you needed a good eight hours of sleep to be relaxed, well rested, and ready to tackle the day at hand, think again. With NeuroOn—a brainwave monitoring sleep mask that’s currently on Kickstarter—your beauty sleep could be reduced to between two to six hours per day. Really. Now sleep will never inconvenience you from doing what you want to do.

The goal of NeuroOn isn’t to cut corners, it’s to help you sleep more efficiently by altering your sleep pattern, enabling what’s called polyphasic sleep—a routine that apparently was the jam for great minds like Leonardo DiVinci and Benjamin Franklin. Basically, this means you have to say sayonara to the single, eight-hour chunk of sleep you’re used to and trade it in for multiple power naps throughout the day. Once you’ve mastered this sporadic sleep cycle, you should feel just as refreshed as you would through standard sleep, yet in the process, you gain priceless extra hours of free time every day. According to NeuroOn, it translates into a potential 1,460 extra hours of “me time” a year. The days of chugging cups of coffee and Red Bull to stay up later are over as we know it.

So how does it work? Before you snooze, you strap on your NeuroOn, which was designed for maximum comfort even though it looks like an oversized shop mask. When you sleep, the mask monitors all kinds of data like brain activity and eye movement to learn the ins and outs of your personal sleeping style, then gently wakes you after it has detected you’re at your most alert. You’ll never have to set an alarm ever again.

Once you’re up and about, these precise measurements are pushed from the mask to an Android and iOS-compatible app where you can analyze your sleep and choose what pattern is best for you. This takes sleep management to entirely new levels: Want to always be jazzed for that 6AM yoga class? No problem. Feel like squeezing in a few late night hours dedicated to completing that personal project? Sure, do it now. Never want to feel jet lag ever again? It’s all possible with NeuroOn.

It’ll cost you a pledge of $250 to sleep as succinctly as the great masters of the past. And when orders are shipped come September, you can start showing them up.

Would you alter your sleep pattern to be more productive? Or are you bent on your eight hours of beauty sleep? Tell us in the comments below.