After uploading #selfies and checking how many people double tap your #TBT photo on Instagram, everyone’s eyes naturally glance up at their follower count. Why wouldn’t we, it’s another way to brag to friends, right? ;) Well, that number may be going down soon as the photo sharing social media network is tackling one of the most annoying things on the Internet: spam accounts. Although we’re totally all for that, some of you may be saying farewell to four-figure follower counts :(


Besides affecting you, Instagram is changing up its star game too, making it easier to follow actual celebs (and not those fakes) by adding badges (seriously, what took them so long?) for celebrities, athletes and brands. The reasoning behind this tactic is so Instagram’s community of sharing stays authentic for brands and individuals as it continues to grow (congrats on 300 mil, BTW). The company wrote in a blog post that “it’s committed to keeping Instagram free from fake and spammy accounts that plague most of the web.” We can totally get behind that.


With the spam account clean up, there will be mass deleting of all fake accounts forever, which could mean you lose a few in the process. No worries though, as with Instagram’s last update it’s much easier to discover new accounts to follow (which means others can find you easier as well ;). In two #TBTs time, you’ll be back on your road to Insta-stardom.

Are you excited about the end of Instagram spam accounts or worried for your follower count? Let us know in the comments below.