January is a time for updates, and there’s no area of our lives in which we crave newness as much as our phones. Maybe the new phone fairy paid you a visit, or maybe she didn’t. Either way, your tech refresh can come in the form of a new phone case that speaks to your personality, keeps things fresh and, most importantly, protects ya tech. Do the nice thing this month and help your iPhone accomplish its own self-improvement goals (hey, you’re not the only one with resolutions here!) with these snazzy iPhone cases.


1. Casetify Super Cali Swagilistic Sexy Hella Dopeness ($30): You’re Mary Poppins with glitter nail polish. You’re a spoonful of sugar and a rebel by trade.

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2. Casetify Fries Before Guys Phone Case ($30): Let this phone case (and your salty fry fingers) serve as a delicate reminder: Don’t wait around for him to text you. But just to protect against said fry fingers, you might want to be equipped with this iPhone Protective Shield ($15).


3. Casetify Controller iPhone Case by Steven Toang ($30): Gamer girls, unite! Take it back to the Nintendo days with a phone case that might play mind games with you when you forget and try to use it as a controller.


4. Casetify ’80s iPhone Case: Set of Three ($60): Interchangeable ’80s phone cases are what happens when you listen to too much Eddie Murphy stand-up and lose yourself one too many times in Pat Benatar’s Crimes of Passion.


5. Casetify Leaves iPhone Case by Shaughnessy ($30): Ward off those winter blues with a tour de la tropics. Some say you can hear the ocean when you put it to your ear. We can neither confirm or deny.


6. Casetify Namastay iPhone 6s Case ($40): Looks like another full day of #latergramming and Buffy re-runs. Stay strong.


7. Casetify Floral iPhone Case, Set of Three ($60): Seriously, spring: Plz stop playing hard to get.


8. Casetify Cat iPhone Case, Set of Three ($60): You just know a cat person when you see one. After these interchangeable cases, the only thing that would be more of a giveaway would be this tee ($26).


9. Casetify Get Shit Done iPhone Case by Startup Genius ($30): This case is looking for an owner who wakes up to Kanye, drinks “too much” coffee (what is too much, really?) and still says YOLO, because it’s still a great motto, dang it.


10. Casetify All You Need Is Love ($30): Is there a better song to have in your head? This one’s for the romantics, the flower children and anyone who’s been bitten by the watercolor illustration bug.


11. Casetify I Can and I Will ($30): Get out there and make some magic happen with this peppy phone case as your right-hand man.


12. Casetify Watercolor Pond iPhone Case by Kwan Budi ($30): Stresses of the day getting to be too much? Good thing you’ve got a built-in Koi pond on the back of your phone. Take as long as you need to peer into it, and don’t take flak from anyone who tells you you’re looking at your phone the wrong way.

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