Who can honestly say they aren’t at least *slightly* intrigued by their horoscope? Every day, people turn to astrology for aid with everything from life planning and home decor to some seriously celestial beauty inspo. Now, the stars have aligned to become part of your signature scent, as the New York-based Demeter Fragrance Library has created the perfect zodiac-themed perfume collection.

Pulling elements of each sign into its fragrances, each scent is designed to carry the astrological essence of its wearer. Libra, the sign of justice, balance, and harmony, for instance, aims for “balance and proportion,” blending notes of wild Yuzu, clove leaf, anise, and precious woods. The fiery Leo, on the other hand, has rich, musky tones of black Myrrh, Indonesian teawood, black pepper, and bitter orange blossom.

The family-owned Demeter company hand-mixes each zodiac concoction, resulting in a soft, subtle aroma that’s meant to be mixed and matched. The idea is that those on the cusp of a sign, like, say, a sun Scorpio with Pisces rising, will be able to layer the perfumes to share their truest scent with the world.

The unisex line can be purchased in individual full-sized bottles ($32) or as a travel-size “Foolproof Blending Sample Pack” ($28), which offers all 12 sprays for experimenting on-the-go.

For those that aren’t quite sure where to start, the company even offers up suggestions for scent layering. Want to match up with your mate? Try mixing your star scent with theirs! “Particularly compatible signs in love are Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces,” the website explains. “Try layering your Scorpio Zodiac fragrance with these scents to create a perfectly harmonious, signature blend.”

We’ll take them all, please!

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(h/t InStyle; photos via Demeter Fragrance Library)