Is there a Doctor Dolittle in the house? There will be once our dogs are all running around with No More Woof, a new contraption that makes Rover “Speak!” and you… “Understand!”

If you have a pet, you two probably share some sort of special language, but No More Woof is like real life Up for your pup, putting our words to Fido’s thoughts. Wearing the device, his barks and yips will come out through it as words you can understand.

We know what you’re thinking: Um, how? What? No way. Yes way! A small Scandinavian research lab, the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery, combined the powers of different human technologies to create their mutt mind reader. They break it down better on their site, but we’ll try to do it some justice here: EEG sensors and a brain-computer interface detect brainwaves, analyze and then translate them into thoughts. And since animals’ brains are less complex than our own (sorry, guys, it’s true) it’s easier for the No More Woof’s electrodes to detect more distinct patterns in their feelings. So that Beggin’ Strips commercial isn’t totally off, but it’s also not all “Bacon, bacon, bacon!” in that fuzzy little head either.

You have to scamper over to their website to listen to the voices the device will eventually come in. They’re probably pretty close to the fake ones you make up for your furry friend. Yes, the first version of the device might make your dog look a little like a telemarketer, or a teleBARKeter, if you will, and we’re not totally sure this headset would hold up after a trip to the dog park, but we’re interested in No More Woof’s future.

A device like this could help dogs communicate when they’re hurt or control artificial limbs if impaired. A future app could send you updates at work about your dog’s mood and what they’re up to. Later versions can be personalized to combine multiple thoughts in one or even to voice pick up lines (seriously) while little Romeo is sniffing for friends at the dog park. Their ultimate goal is worth funding toward too. The team behind No More Woof wants your pet to understand you too so hope to create a similar device to hook onto humans.

You can place an order for your No More Woof right now through their Indiegogo campaign where it’s $65 for a NMW Micro that can translate two or three thought patterns or $300 for the Standard that distinguishes four or more and comes with upgradeable software, delivery estimated for April. The company makes it clear that this is a work in progress, so buy up NMW now if you want to help them test it out.

Bark below: Would you get No More Woof for your pup? What do you think would be their most common thought?

(Photos: No More Woof)