Fashion Week is one (well, two) of the most exciting times of the year for fashionistas worldwide. Twice a year, top designers from around the world showcase their new collections, revealing the trends of future seasons. And every March and September, New York Magazine’s The Cut asks designers to share a photo and a corresponding word that best describe their collections, giving us a sneak peek into what’s to come. While some creatives use objects as inspiration, others are encouraged by concepts and ideas. But one thing remained the same: All 173 images (and words) are beyond intriguing. After clicking through all of ’em, we picked 10 that are getting us seriously psyched for the runway shows.

1. Patrik Ervell: This American menswear designer was inspired by furniture — or as he calls them, “objects for interiors.” We’re pretty inspired by this stunning piece, too.

2. Mara Hoffman: We can guarantee that Mara Hoffman’s new collection will be filled with color and print. Her inspirations usually revolve around traveling and wandering bohemians, but this season, the boho designer was inspired by light.

3. Clover Canyon: Ancient traditions inspired the spring/summer 2015 collection of this California brand, and if that has anything to do with pops of bright colors, fun earrings and boho hats, we’re on board.

4. Rebecca Taylor: Contemporary designer Rebecca Taylor is known for her edgy-meets-feminine vibe, so we can’t even imagine what she’s going to do with these amazing photos of color bursts. Also, anyone else wonder if Lena Dunham’s Emmy look was also inspired by this image?

5. VPL: Fundipendulous is not a real word, but that’s the one VPL used to describe their inspiration. From the looks of it, we’re guessing the definition is an adjective used to describe something that’s both creepy and fascinating. Is that a person in there?

6. Ostwald Helgason: The concept of scarcity is reached when we want so much stuff that it’s literally impossible to fulfill society’s every want and need. Should we be expecting lots of minimalism from the London-based brand?

7. ADEAM: For her latest collection, Japanese designer Hanako Maeda was inspired by the late French pop artist Yves Klein, so expect to see lots and lots of his signature blue.

8. Kate Spade: This feminine American brand never fails when it comes to fun sophisticatation. This time around, the design house gathered inspo from the phrase, “escape the ordinary,” so get ready for some surprises.

9. Joie: We are in love with the fact that the folks over at Joie were inspired by Sunday. It’s that day of the week where you recover from the weekend, relax and rev up for the upcoming week. We’re thinking the collection will be full of uber cool loungewear.

10. Betsey Johnson: Leave it to Betsey to be inspired by something so out of the box (ha, literally!): Yup, it’s rice. While we don’t think she’d go as far as to embellish some party dresses with the short grains, you never know.

Which collection are you most excited to see this Fashion Week? Let us know in the comments!

(h/t The Cut)