Let’s be honest: we live in a “how-to” world these days. Both the Internet and traditional media have enabled us all to more easily pass along ideas and instructions for new ways to do things. In fact, these days, we’re able to learn about how to do things everywhere from the Food Network to Brit + Co. :)

And today, there’s another tool that has launched that makes it even easier for doers and makers to learn how to do anything. It’s called Snapguide, and it’s a super simple way to create and share “how-to” guides from your phone.

I’ve been playing with Snapguide for a couple weeks now (I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek before the launch) and have been extremely impressed. Unlike eHow, Instructables or WikiHow (some of the leading “how-to” publishing platforms on the web), Snapguide lets you publish instructions for doing things in realtime, via live photos and videos, as you’re doing whatever it is you’re doing. Instead of having to type out each direction step-by-step, you can even use their voice-to-text feature to simply tell what it is you’re doing. If you already have photos or videos stored, you can upload those, too. Not everything has to be in realtime, it’s just an option.

I used the app this morning to make a guide about How To Use Snapguide. (Clever, huh?) It took me a total of 5-10 minutes and included over a dozen “steps,” proving how quick it is to create a guide from scratch.

As a DIY publisher myself, I think these kinds of tools can only help spread knowledge and information to more people. I’m super pumped that companies like this exist so that collectively, people of the world can become smarter, more creative and more resourceful.

Download the app and check it out for yourself. And don’t forget to follow me so that you can keep up with our guides! I’ll be adding more of our DIY tutorials there soon.

Note: I am a part-investor in this company, but the opinions I express above are those of my own.