You and your friends have all matured into (mostly) responsible adults who meal prep, track your expenses, and save for retirement鈥 or at least your next girls trip. But are you prepared for an emergency or a natural disaster? If you haven鈥檛 pulled together the laborious list of FEMA must-haves yet, a new all-in-one bag has you covered. With its compact, simple, and already-assembled pack, a new kit provides everything you need.

The Okie Dokie Super Simple Disaster聽Kit includes FEMA-recommended survival gear like 72 hours of food, a hand-crank radio and flashlight, a multi-tool with 12 different functions, sanitary products, water filters, a first aid kit, a space blanket, planning lists, and more. Upgrade to the Pro Kit and you鈥檒l get two goTenna sticks that allow your cell phone to still function if and when phone towers go down. And the best part? It鈥檚 all contained in a rugged, waterproof bag that makes carrying it with you easy, which is crucial if you need to move locations or evacuate. The OkieDokie kit is currently looking for funding so that they can get the content of the kits at a reasonable price (buying in bulk y鈥檃ll!) and pass the savings directly to you.

If you鈥檙e ready to check this item off your to-do list, you can support them through their Indiegogo campaign for as little as $25 (just for the disaster planning guides) or $199 for the starter kit. You won鈥檛 regret a purchase like this and you鈥檒l probably rest easier knowing you鈥檝e got one handy. We know we would!

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