We happen to love the art of yoga here at Brit + Co. — after all, “om” is where the heart is! (Yes, we just went there.)

As folks who love when style and fitness happily intersect, it should be no surprise that Lululemon is a brand that is always on our radar. (Honestly, who doesn’t love themselves a little Lulu??) And now, Lululemon has made themselves even cooler, going way beyond adorable running tights and flattering tanks to step into the mobile app scene with Om Finder.

This latest offering is an app that helps you find yoga studios, classes, and instructors all over the world. In other words, you can find your om wherever you may go! I used it this weekend and was actually shocked at how many yoga and fitness studios I *didn’t* know about near my home. I now have a chance to check out far more classes than I thought existed. Beach body, here I come! It’s also super useful to see when your favorite instructors are teaching, and you can even use a cool feature that lets you invite a friend to join you in class. Hat tip to Lulu for going social.

Available for iOS only (for now), the idea of a smartphone app that finds fitness classes is nothing groundbreaking. What makes this app stand out is how easy it is to use, and, honestly, the fact that it’s got the Lululemon stamp on it. Powered by MindBody, a company that’s been helping manage and schedule fitness companies for over a decade, the app captures info about classes and instructors pretty darn seamlessly.

Of course, there’s also a cool community aspect to Om Finder. As mentioned above, Yogis can invite friends to classes, and can also suggest studios when they see that friends are out of town. You can also get directions to new studios and can read reviews and tips before heading to a new yoga spot. It’s like Yelp, Lululemon, and MindBody had a baby.

Best of all? The app lets you schedule reminders so that you’ve got yet another way to make sure you stick to your yoga practice. Win!

Have you tried out Om Finder yet? What other fitness apps do you use on a regular basis? Share your thoughts in the comments below.