Whether you鈥檙e just moving in with your spouse-to-be or you鈥檝e been together forever, wedding registries are an easy way to give your favorite people the chance to give you beautiful and functional day-to-day reminders of your big day. And while most registries solve the problem of ending up with three blenders or two panini machines, they don鈥檛 really give guests an idea of how your new gifts will fit in your home. Now Blueprint Registry is taking the joy of registering and combining it with real-world facts about what you actually need.


Blueprint Registry lets couples use a blueprint-style feature to map out their needs, room by room, and then connects them with one click to the objects they鈥檇 like to register for. Worried about sending guests on a wild goose chase to track down the objects you鈥檝e got your eye on? Not anymore: This site gives them a one-stop shop to help them find exactly what you want, regardless of how many stores you might register with or what kinds of gifts you might wish to receive.


The blueprint feature is a planner鈥檚 paradise. It lets you plot out and prioritize the presents you鈥檇 love most. For couples who don鈥檛 want material things, but could use a little help saving for a honeymoon (or who鈥檇 rather give money to charity in lieu of gifts), there鈥檚 even an 鈥淓xperience Room鈥 that lays alternative options out on a table and lets registrants choose whatever they鈥檇 like.


Got a few friends or family members who鈥檇 like to go in together on a group gift, like an amazing new couch or other substantial present? No problem: There鈥檚 a feature for them too. In short, this site is on a mission to erase all the inconveniences associated with the age-old tradition.


Now we can celebrate the people we adore daily, through indirect ways, even when they鈥檙e far away. If you ask us, that鈥檚 something worth toasting to.

Would you sign up for a registry this way? Why or why not? Spill in the comments below!