Everyone. Stop readying your flux capacitors and look at this. Overnight, skateboards have lost three of their wheels and are down to one. You know what the means? Hoverboards are on the horizon. And the marvel of machinery that’s transporting us closer to them is called Onewheel.

Debuting at CES last week and rocking a successful Kickstarter campaign, the electric uniboard uses similar technology to a Segway. If you’ve ever cruised around on Gob Bluth’s preferred mode of transportation (no judgement), then you already have a pretty good idea of what it feels like.

The board moves backward and forward with your body weight and is supposed to give the same sensation of hitting the slopes on a board or rolling through the Mexican pipeline. In other words, inventor Kyle Doerksen wants those of us stuck in concrete jungles to feel a little like we’re somewhere more mood enhancing.

The glory of this all is you don’t actually need to know how to ride a snowboard, surfboard, or unicycle since the balance needed for those activities is all handled by some mighty impressive engineering hidden inside the body of the board. (Good news for all of us who are George-McFly awkward.)

What’s more? It comes in four colors (our favorite being electric pink, obviously), but even better than that, Onewheel promises that a 20-minute charge time will send you on your way, cruising down your city streets for four to six miles. Four miles for those of us who live in San Francisco (read: hills), but six miles if you live somewhere like Wichita, Kansas (read: flat as a pancake).

All this futuristic romanticism is going to cost you a pretty penny… or $1,300 to be exact. Don’t have that kind of cash to spend on a 25-lb board to use on your daily commute? Well then, on second thought, maybe you should get back to working on that flux capacitor.

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