We get that it’s totally acceptable for people who you don’t know all that well to tell you, “Oh, I don’t really need anything, but thanks for asking!” But when your bestie or your parents are holding back their wish list, it’s just straight-up annoying to leave you idea-less. Before you start pulling out your hair, check out these gift generating sites. Yup, we’ve found eight sites that’ll help you spark ideas for the perfect gift.


1. Genius Gift Idea Generator: This gift generator really lives up to its “Genius” name. It asks you for age range, how close you are to your gift receiver and variety of other questions that depend on your previous answers. There’s even an option to choose “Self Made” gift ideas, which means this gift generator doubles as a DIY idea generator. That’s major in our book.


2. Secret Scan-ta: This site caught our attention with that word play alone, and then we got even more excited when we found out what this e-Santa scans — Twitter. Just type in your friend’s Twitter handle and “Scan-ta” will come up with a gift based off of your friend’s tweets. Yay for tweets that get you holiday tweats, er…treats!


3. ShopStyle Holiday: ShopStyle is an online clothing store that created their very own gift generator based on their site. They have a sentence that says, “The Perfect Store for _____, the _____ wearing _____.” After you fill in those blanks, a list of clothing suggestions pop up from their site. We filled in the blanks with “my BFF,” “Beanie Hat” and “Blogger.” What are you looking for?


4. RandomlyGifted: This one is for those of you who want a simple gift generator. Just choose a gender, type in a price range and a long list of items will be pictured on the site.


5. Gift Finder: If you like taking online quizzes, like “Which Harry Potter character are you?” you’ll thoroughly enjoy Gift Finder. It makes you go through a quick personality quiz describing the gift receiver. After the quiz, you’ll end up with a wide variety of accurate gift suggestions.


6. Giftologia: This site is more on the outdated side, but it is still a good tool to use to brainstorm for gifts. It asks you who you’re shopping for, and then a variety of suggestions pop up accordingly. This site also allows you to create suggestions for gifts in the text box at the bottom of the page. So if you’re a gift-giving guru, feel free to share your gift (pun intended) with the rest of us.


7. Crapomatic: The Crapomatic is a random gift generator that comes up with a lot of… well, crap. These present suggestions range anywhere from hilarious to hilariously insulting. Even if you’re not looking for a present, it’s really entertaining to play around with.


8. Generatorland: If you’re the type of person to ask people to throw suggestions at you in any given situation, this generator is perfect for you. Just click the “Random Gift” button until you find an gift suggestion that you’re satisfied with. This site also has many other generators — like username and story plot generators. So before you go to your group of friends to ask them to throw suggestions at you, Generatorland might become your one-stop site.

Which gift generator was your fave? Which one gave you the best suggestions?