Brace yourself for long lines, packed stores and out-of-stock toys, electronics and everything in between. We’re in the thick of the holiday shopping season. The struggle is real when it comes to figuring out gifts for friends, family and co-workers. Sometimes you know exactly what they want, but it will end up killing your wallet. Other times — and most of the time — you just flat out have no clue what they want. We’ve wrangled up some products and ideas to really satisfy any tech-lover’s wish list while leaving you with some extra dough.

1. Customizable iPhone 5 Case ($13): Know anyone with iphone case ADD? This modern, color blocking case comes in three different color choices and a total of six pieces. Not only will this gift save you some cash, but it’ll also save your phone-case-changing friend from having to buy more… at least for a little while.

2. Personalized 3D-Printed Necklace Charm ($25): Last month we mentioned the latest Target collaboration was with Shapeways, and now is your chance to utilize it. You can give thoughtful charms, figurines and ornaments to another fellow 3D-printing fanatic!

3. Cantaloupe Ear Buddies ($16): Jam out in style with these colorful and adorable earbuds. The cord is made with a fun polka dot print and it also has a volume toggle.

4. Cool Feet ($13): It’s been getting a lot colder lately, and even though we like using our overheated laptops as a way to warm ourselves up, it’s not ideal for the sake of your device. These four little removable feet allow laptops to air out freely while still being comfortable for the laptop user.

5. Kingston DataTraveler SE9 ($16): This 32GB USB is what we call a real bang for the buck.

6. Solar Powered Mason Jars ($15): This combination of classy-cute and tech will have everyone hoping you’re their secret Santa next year. These frosted mason jars softly light up your cold night to create a warm and cozy ambiance. To charge them, leave them out in the sun for a few hours and they’ll shine up to five hours.

7. iPhone 5/5S Stand ($17): This is the perfect iPhone stand for the minimalist in your life. The stand is made of maple wood and it also has a felt lining. It makes your iPhone stand both horizontally and vertically with ease.

8. Aluminum Tablet Pen ($20): In our digital world, everyone can get great use out of a stylus. This is an easy, thoughtful gift idea that even lefties will appreciate. Yup, this particular stylus has an ambidextrous design.

9. 3D Printed Charger Dock ($20): This simple charging dock made from PLA plastic is compatible with iPhones and iPads. It can also serve as a nice little stand for your Apple devices.

10. Snap Band ($20): Remember The Clapper and its catchy jingle? This fun snap on-snap off watch helps you tell the time in a snap — literally.

11. Raspberry Pi ($20): You saw this one coming, right? This is every tech lover’s dream gift and the equivalent to getting a DIYer the Pro 100 hot glue gun. With the recent release of the more compact Raspberry Pi A+, you can grant any tech fanatic’s wish for only $20.

12. Belkin Fridge Mount for iPad ($18): While you’re waiting for MAID to start production, this fridge mount is a great alternative for your tech-saavy friend with a passion for cooking. In return, you might get some delicious goodies!

13. Cell Phone Bike Mount ($16): This one is for your adventurous friends and bike commuters. It isn’t made for a specific phone model, so you won’t have to worry about compatibility. Gift-giving tip: Be a stealthy Santa by giving universal gifts rather than a product catered to a specific model.

14. Compact Cartoon Speaker ($18): You already know our obsession with speakers, but this adorable little boombox speaks for itself. This fella is sure to jazz up any holiday party.

15. UrbanEars Slussen Adapter ($20): This MP3 adapter can be used as a splitter and as a DJ adapter. As a splitter, it’s perfect for you and a friend when you want to listen to the same songs together without sharing earbuds. As a DJ adapter, it allows you to pump up any party by listening to a track before playing it on the speakers. Download the free Slussen app to get digital turntables right on your phone.

16. StickR TrackR ($25): Attach this little tracker anywhere so you’ll never lose your keys, wallet or purse ever again. The tracker can be paired to your iPhone, iPad or Android devices via Bluetooth so you can always be guided back to your belongings. Just open up the TrackR app and you’ll be reunited with your possessions. If you end up losing your phone, just press the button on one of your paired TrackRs and your phone will ring. The app’s software even allows a Crowd GPS for those times when you think someone must’ve stolen your wallet.

17. Shutter Camera Remote Control ($20): Get rid of that selfie arm and start taking better group photos. Just download the free Shutter app and taking pictures will be a snap. The remote will work from up to three meters away.

18. Wrap Headphones ($18): Keep your earbud cords organized with this cord wrap. The wrap even doubles as a keychain so you can clip your earbuds to your backpack or on your belt loop.

19. Fisheye Lens ($20): This fisheye lens adds a nice hemispherical perspective to your photos. It is compatible with most Apple, Android and other devices because of its universal lens option. This gift would be perfect for all Instagram and VSCO Cam lovers.

20. Printed Portable Phone Charger ($24): These cute, portable chargers come in five different designs so your phone can recharge in style. It is also a universal charger because of its USB port.

21. MacBook Keyboard Decal ($18): Turn your keys into an adorable, bubbly keyboard with this MacBook decal. It is cut precisely so that your backlit keyboard won’t be covered, and the stickers won’t leave that gross after-stick when you want to remove them.

22. Powercube ($20): Conserve your desk space by using a Powercube rather than a power strip. The Powercube has four outlets and two USB ports so you can charge your phone and tablet while charging your laptop at the same time.

23. QR Code Luggage Tag ($15): Have any friends who travel a lot? Help them spot their luggage easily with this unique luggage tag. The QR Code makes their home address and other personal information more private.

24. Pivot Power Pop Junior ($15): Have you ever tried to use a regular power strip to plug in five differently proportioned cords that just won’t all fit? Especially those chunky plugs from IKEA! The Pivot Power Pop Junior allows you to twist and turn the outlets from each other so you can easily fit three MacBook chargers and an IKEA lamp.

25. Touch Screen Compatible Knit Gloves ($9): These touch screen compatible gloves will keep your digits warm while still allowing you to dial digits on your phone. Share the warmth and productivity with two friends with this set of three from Target!

Bonus: Customized QaRd ($1-$15): Why send out a family photo for Christmas when you can send out custom QR codes that friends and family can scan? You could have the QR code send them to a video of you wishing them happy holidays. Normal cards are so three years ago — it’s all about QaRds now!

Which gifts were your favorite? Any you would like to buy for yourself? Let us know in the comments below!