The moment we saw this wooden trackpad by Orée, we started crushing really hard. What’s not to love about a gorgeous combination of contemporary technology and handcrafted wooden objects? From trackpads to keyboards to charging stations, this modern collection is innovative, beautiful, and totally our jam.

Each Orée object is crafted, polished, and assembled by hand to offer a truly authentic, handmade finish.

The combination of cutting edge technologies and timeless craftsmanship renders each object beautiful, well-made, and highly functional. Materials are sourced locally in Southern France from long-established and sustainability-minded partners, meaning they look good and feel good.

Here are the five beautiful objects that comprise this brand new collection.

1. Orée Keyboard ($200): First up, the keyboard. This portable wireless keyboard works with tablets, smartphones, and any computer equipped with Bluetooth. You can specify keyboard layout by country, computer, select between maple and walnut, and can even specify what font you want to see on your keys. Oh, and you can add custom text! So cool.

2. Orée Board Leather Pouch (from $40): This pouch is the perfect partner in crime for your keyboard, protecting the keys while also serving as an ergonomic stand for your tablet or smartphone. Choose from genuine or recycled leather, and feel free to personalize.

3. Orée Touch Slab ($200): As we mentioned, this is the product that caught our eyes. It’s a multi-touch trackpad that also serves as a numerical keyboard made from a single piece of maple or walnut. It works with any device equipped with Bluetooth.

4. Orée Wireless Power Pebble ($147): What exactly is a wireless power pebble? Well, it’s a little doodad that allows you to wireless charge your Galaxy S4, iPhone 5S, or an iPhone 5 that fits snuggly into Orée’s wireless power sleeve. It’s available in wood or marble, and doesn’t look half bad on a desktop.

5. Orée Wireless Power Sleeve ($120): This sleeve is made from premium wood and genuine leather that allows you to charge your phone wirelessly with the power pebble. It also works with any Qi compatible charging mat. Very cool.

What do you think of the Orée collection? Would you adorn your desk with such tech-cessories? Talk to us in the comments below.