The best way to follow up a legendary tapas party? A paella party, of course! Enjoy cooking up these 15 delicious pans of paella that can easily feed a crowd. Some are totally traditional, others more modern, and a few are even suited for fuss-free weeknight enjoyment. A close culinary relative of jambalaya and risotto, this classic Spanish casserole at home is totally doable at home!

1. My Favourite Paella: A little bit of this, that and the other — that would be meat, seafood and veggies — goes into this mixed paella recipe courtesy of The Naked Chef. (via Jamie Oliver)

2. Quinoa Paella: This protein-packed version is a nice change of pace from the usual plain old rice. (via Farm on Plate)

3. Seafood Paella: One bite will transport you straight to the seashore! (via Mattika Arts)

4. Mushroom Paella With Kale and Eggs: Make this paella for a hearty Meatless Monday dinner. (via Bon Appetit)

5. Old Bay Shrimp Paella With Charred Corn Bacon: Equal parts shrimp boil, jambalaya and paella, this non-traditional mashup totally works. (via Better Happier St. Sebastian)

6. Moorish Paella: Enjoy this paella spiced with tasty lamb sausage (merguez), harissa and a host of other aromatic ingredients. (via Food52)

7. Oven-baked Chicken and Chorizo Paella: We’re bookmarking this hassle-free paella for those nights when there’s no time for standing and stirring. (via Taste)

8. Paella Cakes With Manchego and Candied Seville Orange Peel: Tons of Spanish flavor is packed into these tasty caskes. (via Herbivoracious)

9. Spicy Chicken and Chorizo Paella: Looking to add a little heat to the dinner table? This is just the recipe you need! (via Little Leopard Book)

10. Mixed Seafood Paella: Cauliflower “rice” is the secret to keeping this delicious paella grain free. (via Against All Grain)

11. Shrimp and Couscous Paella: Quick-cooking couscous means you’ll have dinner on the table in no time at all. (via Kitchen Simplicity)

12. Weeknight Paella: Using a seasoned rice and pasta mix from the grocery store makes this paella a perfect fit for weeknights. (via Betty Crocker)

13. Black Paella With Squid and Shrimp: Squid is doubly represented in this paella. Its hue comes from a spoonful of ink, and a generous amount of sliced calamari (along with shrimp and andouille) adds substance. (via Bon Appétempt)

14. Noodle Paella: Less common than its rice-based counterpart, paella made from noodles is also popular in Spain. Enjoy this lightened up version with familiar paella flavors. (via Williams Sonoma)

15. Holiday Dessert Paella: Rice pudding has never been so elegant. Studded with assorted fruit, it’s the addition of silky creme fraiche that makes this dessert especially indulgent and holiday-worthy. (via The Chalkboard Mag)

What combination of rice, protein and veggies sounds most appealing to you? Let’s talk paella preferences in the comments!