25 Easy Spanish Recipes to Throw the Best Tapas Party Ever
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25 Easy Spanish Recipes to Throw the Best Tapas Party Ever

Throwing a party and you’re the chef? What host wants to spend the entire night in the kitchen? With tapas, go ahead; mingle with your guests, toss the stylish apron aside and relax! When planning your menu, turn to Spain’s fashionable tapas, small plates of food shared among party guests. To get you started, we’ve got the dish on easy tapas recipes, ranging from casual to eclectic. And don’t forget; shareables are perfectly paired alongside a glass of refreshing sangria.

1. Almendras al Pimentòn: Before you get the feast truly rolling, whet your guests’ appetites with these smoked paprika almonds accompanied with a glass of chilled sherry. (via Devour)

2. Marinated Olives: Don’t cut corners by purchasing pre-marinated olives from the grocery store, give party guests a taste of something extra special: Orange peel, bay leaf, and hot red pepper are your secret weapons. (via Dance of Saucepans)

3. Tortilla Española: This is a must. You can’t have tapas without a traditional potato tortilla! All you need are potatoes, eggs, good olive oil, and a trusty skillet to dish out what is unquestionably considered a perfect tapa. (via Savvy Eats)

4. Alcachofas al Ajillo: Be still our hearts… artichoke hearts, that is! This traditional tapas dish features artichokes in a delectable garlic sauce. One small tip, do not fear the garlic. Use every last bit of it. (via Kitchen to Nirvana)

5. Serrano Ham Wrapped Plums: If plums are in season, forego the expected melon and delight guests with the surprising tartness of fresh plums as they pleasantly intermingle with the salty, smokiness of Spain’s infamous Serrano ham. (via Delicooks)

6. Apple and Manchego Crostini: Fresh, crisp apples and crusty bread are the perfect backdrop to showcase Spain’s famed cheese, Manchego. Made from whole milk of the Manchega sheep from the La Mancha region of Spain, Manchego is an aged cheese that imparts an intense taste and crumbly texture, a great pairing to olives, fruit, and crusty bread. (via Red Online)

7. Mushroom and Ham Croquettes: Give guests a taste of authentic Spanish tapas with these melt in your mouth croquettes. Stay true to tradition and serve these puffed balls of goodness with bèchamel sauce. (via Uno de Dos)

8. Cured Tuna With Mushrooms: Cured tuna is one of Spain’s hidden treasures. Known as mojama, it’s dubbed the steak of the sea. Be sure to slice the tuna as thinly as possible, serve alongside wild mushrooms and fresh chives for a flavor and texture medley that’s outta this world. (via Gourmet Traveller)

9. Buñuelos de Bacalao: Ahhhh, salt cod fritters. They’re one of the greatest Spanish delights and an age old way of preserving fish by packing it in salt. Yeah it’s salty, but in fritter form the salt cod amps up the flavor, making it simply irresistible. (via High Over Happy)

10. Garlic and Parsley Grilled Squid: Serve in one of two ways… or both! Whichever way you go, rest assured, they’ll be eaten. Crispy, flavorful, and versatile, serve them on their own or atop crusty bread with goat cheese and a marinated pepper. (via Eat Well 101)

11. Gambas al Ajillo: Don’t take our word for it, get these in your mouth pronto. They’re really that good! Sweet shrimp are bathed in a roasted garlic oil — and don’t let that oil go to waste. Let guests devour this dish by sopping up the leftovers at the bottom of the dish with good Spanish bread. (via PBS Food)

12. Patatas Bravas: The perfect snack — crispy potatoes, spicy tomato sauce, and garlicky tomatoes combine in this classic, Spanish potato recipe. (via Delicious Magazine)

13. Spanish Chicken With Chorizo and Olives: A substantial tapa packed with Spanish flavors that taste more like a meal. Tender chicken is braised with spicy chorizo and briny olives for a dish worth making more than once. (via Woman and Home)

14. Flank Steak With Goat Cheese on Toast: Just in case, double up on this recipe ’cause most guests won’t stop at just one! Thinly grilled flank steak melts in your mouth with creamy goat cheese, crusty bread, and roasted red pepper. However, the real kicker is the roasted fig and onion jam. (via Steamy Kitchen)

15. Mojo Picon Pork Skewers: Who doesn’t love food on a stick? This Spanish pork dish is as simple as it is tasty, especially alongside a glass of red wine. (via Woman and Home)

16. Albondigas With Spicy Tomato Sauce: Small bites of savory delights — meatballs with a hint of spice, drenched in tomato sauce. Let dinner guests take one (or two) and pass them on. (via Gourmet Traveller)

17. Higos con Miel y Queso: Roasted figs filled with creamy goat cheese and drizzled with honey are like fireworks in your mouth! (via Crystal Cartier Photography)

18. Tortas de Aceite: A specialty from Seville, these flaky, crispy tortas are a sweet way to end a feast. Add a hint of orange blossom water and anise to impart a sophisticated flavor. (via Fine Cooking)

19. Churros With Chocolate: Go against tradition and make churros bite-sized. Why? Because, they’re perfect served in a paper cone and drizzled with chocolate… nothing spells f-u-n like dessert in a paper cone! (via Cooking Classy)

20. Tapas Rolls With Serrano Ham and Fig Preserves: Easy, delicious, and a total crowd-pleaser, this Americanized tapas recipe is made with puff pastry and Serrano ham. Oh, and fig preserves, which you can either make from scratch (if you’re REALLY ambitious) or buy in the store. (via Sweet Paul Mag)

21. Baked Spanish Style Tortilla With Ham: We’ve talked about Spanish-style tortillas already, but this one is a total game-changer. And since it’s *basically* similar to a quiche, it’s perfect for serving at any time of the day. (via Laylita’s Recipes)

22. Pan-Fried Figs, Serrano Ham, Cream Cheese, and Walnuts On Toast: This delicious recipe is essentially fancy toast. Only that toast is loaded with delicious fix-in’s like ham, walnuts, sweet figs, brown sugar, and olive oil. (via Delicious Magazine)

23. Caprese Empenadas With Tomato, Mozzerella, and Basil: Can’t choose between Spanish and Italian flavors? This fusion-style tapas recipe gives you the best of both worlds. (via Laylita’s Recipes)

24. Tortilla Española Bites With Manchego: This completely ingenious recipe takes the concept of the Spanish-style tortilla and gives it a unique twist. The tortillas are served in bite-sized form alongside a delicious garlic and herb aioli dipping sauce. (via Always Order Dessert)

25. Spanish Shrimp: This easy-to-make recipe gives you a seafood-style tapas option that everyone around your table will absolutely love. The shrimp are spiced with nutmeg, chili powder, cayenne pepper, cumin, paprika, and sugar, and served alongside crispy crostini. (via The Gourmet Gourmand)

Tapas are all about sharing; if you have a must-try tapas recipe, share in the comments below!