Garlands and paint chips. What would a DIYer, hostess, or crafter be without them? Today we celebrate the beauty of both, with help from a few special gadgets in our DIY tool kit. From hearts to fringe circles, here are 5 garlands perfect for for a Valentine’s Day celebration.

As you’ll see from the list below, we used our whole arsenal of craft punches, hole punchers, and the like. You can get away with just one, or can even just get handy with a pair of sharp scissors.

 – paper cutter

heart hole punch
3 inch circle hole punch
1 inch circle hole punch
square hole punch
– sewing machine

Materials: paint chips!

1. Dimensional Diamonds

We’ll start with the squares. We found a jumbo square hole punch for this but you could easily use a paper cutter, Xacto knife or scissors to get the same results. Punch 40 square or so. Now, to the sewing machine. Take two squares and line them up on top of each other. Turn so that they’re in a diamond shape and start sewing.

When you’re done with your pile of squares, fold each sewn diamond and you’ll get a little more dimension!!

2. Hearts on a String

Create a ribbon or delicate garland of hearts with help from a sweet heart hole punch and your sewing machine. Simple punch, gather, and sew. We love how whimsical and pretty this string of hearts looks.

3. Punched Out Paper

After we punched out all those hearts, we realized we could make a charming garland out of the paint chip remnants. These would also work adorably as bookmark valentines! Cut down and sew, just like last week’s paper strip garland. So lovely. Or should we say… love-ly! :)

4. Fringe Circles

We used a 1 inch circle hole punch for this one. This is a great combo of the heart ribbon and paper strip look. Punch out a bunch of circles.

Sew them in groups of 8-12. Then sew the first circle in each group in a row to create a fringe look. Sort of reminds us of those beaded curtains we had in middle school :)

5. Layered Circles

And last, circles layered on top of one another to create a more modular look. Simply sew, overlay, and turn to create different angles while sewing.

Hang them all together for a gorgeous Valentine’s Day setting. Cupid would most definitely approve.

What paint chip projects have you created or added to your to-do list? Share projects with us in the comments below.