DIY Tribal Tights

If it’s cool enough that you have to wear tights, you might as well make them fun. And one of this season’s hottest trends is tribal print tights. It’s surprisingly easy to make your own. All you need is a stencil and some fabric paint. I love the way these nude ones look, but I can imagine black tights with white or metallic patterns as well. I can’t wait to see the color combinations you come up with! Let’s get started!

DIY Tribal Tights

 – one pair of tights or leggings

– fabric paint

– stencil

– stencil brush

– wax paper

– cardboard tube

– scissors

– painter’s tape

The materials for this DIY are easy to find at any local craft store or online. I chose a nude tight but you can follow the same steps and on opaque tights or leggings! The most important step is to decide on the design. There are seemingly endless stencil options available, or you can even make your own by using tape!

DIY Tribal Tights

Cover the shipping tube with wax paper, and tape the wax paper down with masking tape. Very carefully, stretch the first leg of your tights over the tube. Make sure all the edges of the tube are covered with wax paper so you don’t snag the material. Don’t substitute paper towels or other materials for the wax paper—the paint and tights will get stuck. (Trust me, I tried it!)

DIY Tribal Tights

Tape down your stencil on top of the tights. I chose to cut the stencil I was using in half, since that fit best on the leg of the tights. Make sure that the stencil is super tight against the wax paper, this will ensure that you don’t get any bleeds and that the pattern is crisp!

DIY Tribal Tights

Using a stencil paint brush with very little paint, paint the negative space of the stencil. Go slow and carefully. Only use a little bit of paint—not only will it dry faster, the design will be crisper. Once the stencil is covered leave it to dry (about an hour). Once dry, very carefully (and slowly) remove the stencil from the tight. This is the perfect time to review your design and make sure all edges are clean and crisp. (If you need to touch up some edges now is the time to do so.) Once everything is dry remove the tight from the tube. If you put a lot of paint on the tights it may stick to the paper…so remember to go slowly. Repeat the process for the other leg of the tights.

DIY Tribal Tights

Don’t be afraid to use different colors or to try an ombre gradation. And keep in mind each side doesn’t have to match.

Have fun and tell us in the comment section below what you plan to make!