Nostalgia for TV hits of the ’90s is at an all-time high (hello, Fuller House!), so when two of the five Salinger siblings from Party of Five reunited on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, the ever-personable host was ready to seize his opportunity to get the scoop on what really went down on-set. Fortunately for us, his guests and former cast members, Scott Wolf and Neve Campbell, did not disappoint!

Party of Five Neve Campbell, Matthew Fox, Scott Wolf, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Lacey Chabert

Instead of shirking away from uncomfortable hookup questions, Wolf readily nominated himself as the star who got the most action, while eliminating Chabert from the competition entirely. “It’s not Lacey, she was like, 11 years old,” he said. She was also out of the running for biggest partier, the honor bestowed upon Matthew Fox.

While Campbell and Wolf both denied any behind-the-scenes hookups, Wolf did own up to dating Paula Devicq, who played the fam’s nanny Kirsten on the show, in real life. Wolf also admitted that Chabert had a bit of a school-girl crush on him at one point despite their 14-year age gap — in a “totally, like, big brother-y way.”

The actor also dished that he considered Campbell to be the most successful of the bunch, a statement she didn’t necessarily agree with (but also didn’t offer any alternatives), and Chabert was voted most like her character.

As for staying in touch over the years, fans were surely pleased to hear that they’re remained close. “We all stay in touch with each other,” Campbell said, before admitting that it’s Wolf, Chabert, and herself who are closest, with Fox chiming in “a bit.” As for Love Hewitt, who once played Wolf’s onscreen love of Sarah Reeves Merrin, she was wordlessly nominated as the one who had the most fan hookups.

The duo also dashed our dreams of a Party of Five reboot, with Campbell telling Cohen, “It wouldn’t make any sense whatsoever. If we haven’t gotten over the death of our parents 20 years later we have a serious problem.”

Still, both show alums look back at the show as fondly as we do. Scream series alum Campbell said she didn’t consider the show as ever having had that “jump the shark” moment. “I don’t think there’s an obvious one,” she offered. “I think any show obviously repeats itself in some way, but I don’t think there was any big moment where it was like, ‘Oh, that’s so not realistic.’ It wasn’t that kind of show, I don’t think.” Wolf agreed, “No, it felt really honest moment-to-moment as we did it.”

We wholeheartedly agree!

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(h/t E! Online; photos Fox + Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen/YouTube)