Since 2007, The Washington Post has been hosting a little event called the Peeps Show 鈥 get your head out of the gutter, peep-le! We鈥檙e talking candy here. The rules are simple: Be creative and make a diorama using Peeps. With everything from pop culture references to historical depictions, these dioramas are truly works of sugary (and sometimes comical) art. The winner of this year鈥檚 competition was announced today. Check out these incredible 鈥榤allow-filled entries from the past eight years along with our favorite finalist from this year. Hint: It鈥檚 at the bottom and worth scrolling for.


1. Eep: Our favorite Pixar flick takes this diorama contest up and away.

Crystal Blue Peepsuasion

2. Crystal Blue Peepsuasion: Walter White, infamous confectionary drug lord, is slinging the strongest crystal blue candy around town. With the RV, crystal blue candy and tighty whiteys, this Peeps portrayal of Breaking Bad is spot on.

Peepnado Hits DC

3. Peepnado Hits DC: Don鈥檛 worry, you won鈥檛 have to sit through an entire movie with Tara Reid and Ian Ziering (bonus points if you can spot 鈥檈m here). Instead, catch a glimpse of ferociously cute Peeps storming through our nation鈥檚 capitol.

Peepdom to Marry

4. Peepdom to Marry: Show your celebration of marriage equality with one of your first candy loves.

Peeps on the Run

5. Peeps on the Run: Oh, Thelma and Louise, we envy your bold, brave spirits and senses of adventure. Long live these fab fugitive Peeps!

Peep Selfi History

6. The Peep #Selfie: Here you have it, the evolution of the selfie through a colorful and historically accurate retrospective.

Mr. Peepcock, In the conservatory, with the revolver

7. Clue: It was Mr. Peepcock, in the Observatory, with the revolver.

The Peepstones

8. The Peepstones: These prehistoric Peeps make us wanna yell 鈥淵abba dabba do!鈥


9. MuPeeps: The gang鈥檚 all here in this sugary, sweet version of our childhood favorite.

A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Peep Georges Seurat

10. A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Peep: Bet you never thought you鈥檇 see Pointillist Peeps. It鈥檚 just another Sunday Funday in Peepland.

Angry Peeps

11. Angry Peeps: While this probably took hours to assemble, we would love to see this real-life version of our favorite game in action.

Creating a Masterpeeps

12. Creating a Masterpeeps: Peeps painting Peeps.

Just Peep'd AKA The Royal Wedding

13. Just Peep鈥檇: If you鈥檙e like us, the royal wedding never gets old. Witness the wedding of the century in classy confectionary form.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Peeps

14. Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Peeps: It started out like any other day until鈥 the Peeps swarmed the town.


15. P.E.E.P.: P.E.E.P. phone home.

Genius Bar

16. Genius Bar: Maybe they are already in line waiting for the Peeple watch?

Georgia O'Peep

17. Georgia O鈥橮eep: Inspired by the landscape and flora of New Mexico, Georgia O鈥橮eep is one of our favorite 鈥榤allow-filled artists.

Goodnight Peep

18. Goodnight Peep: Goodnight stars, goodnight air, goodnight Peeps everywhere.

Here's Looking at You Peep - plays tribute to all the epic hollywood love stories

19. Here鈥檚 Looking at You, Peep: Dioramas inside dioramas? Yes! Epic Hollywood romance dioramas in Peep form? Mind. blown.

Miley Peeprus VMA

20. Miley Peep-rus: This peep-ified version of the infamous VMA performance is perfect down to the 鈥渉air鈥 nubbins, foam finger, red lips and tongue sticking out.

Mine in chile underground

21. Chilean Mine Rescue: Portraying the 2010 Copiap贸 Mine rescue, this epic diorama is a heartwarming depiction of Peep-les working together.

Minion Congress

22. Minions in Congress: This might be the best Congress yet.

Mount Peepmore

23. Mount Peepmore: The founding peepfathers carved in stone? Now that鈥檚 a sweet monument we would love to see.

Peep Wee Herman's Playhouse

24. Peep Wee Herman鈥檚 Playhouse: Now this takes us back, way back. Mr. Window, Clockey and Chairy all in the playhouse having fun.

Peep Art

25. Peep Art: So. cool. We are especially loving this marshmallow rendition of Andy Warhol.


26. Peeped: These 鈥榤allow chefs are here to wow you with their mad cooking and chopping skills.

SpongeBob Peep-pants

27. SpongeBob Peep Pants: Everything is better down where it鈥檚 wetter 鈥 just take it from Spongebob Peep Pants and his whole 鈥榤allow-filled, sugar-crusted crew.


28. RelativiPeep: In this portrayal of the famous M.C. Escher painting, Peeps gravity defies all laws. We are lovin鈥 the black + white with pops of fluff-filled color.

Snow White and the Seven Peeps

29. Snow White and the Seven Peeps: Mirror, mirror, on the wall, whose Peeps fairytale diorama is the fairest of them all?

Spinal Peep

30. Spinal Peep: Coming soon to theaters near you: This Is Spinal Peep.

Super Peepio Brothers

31. Super Peepio Brothers: Don鈥檛 worry peep princess, Mario and Luigi are here to rescue you one airy, fluffy jump at a time.


32. Synchronized Peeping Practice: Who knew Peeps could be so graceful in water?

TSA Agents Get a Peep Show

33. TSA Agents Get a Peep Show: Even sweet and innocent Peeps have to wait in those long airport lines.


34. Peep Tiki: All hail the mighty Peep-iki.


35. SimPeeps: We wouldn鈥檛 mind seeing the entire cast of The Simpsons peep-ified. Moe鈥檚 Tavern, Kwik-E-Mart, Montgomery Burn鈥檚 mansion, the list goes on.

Peep's Arc

36. Peep鈥檚 Arc: The fate of the entire animal peepdom lays in the hands of one sugary marshmallow.

Peepius Maximus

37. Peepius Maximus: While this lil guy ain鈥檛 no Russell Crowe, he is definitely just as brave and soft on the inside.


38. iPeep Nano: We wouldn鈥檛 mind having a little bunny-shaped handheld electronic device, especially if they came is such fun, bright colors like these ones.

The Most Repeeped Peep Ever  Ellen Degeneres

39. The Most Repeeped Peep Ever: These A-list Peeps are setting Peeper records with their #selfie.


40. Call of Booty: And our favorite finalist from this year鈥檚 competition? The award goes to 鈥淧eeper Magazine鈥檚 鈥楤reak into Spring鈥 edition.鈥 That鈥檚 it. Peep Kardashian just broke the Internet. Shutting down鈥.

Have you built anything with Peeps? Are you looking to enter the Peeps Show next year? Let鈥檚 talk Peeps in the comments below!

(Images via The Washington Post)