Your fur babe will always hold the ultimate special place in your heart. And now that you’ve found “the one,” it’s only right that your fluffy friend (or your partner’s) play an important role in popping the question. Here, we’ve got 10 adorable pet proposals that are sure to instantly capture the imagination of any animal lover. Check them out, and get ready to say “yes” to every last too-cute idea.

Hiking Pet Proposal

1. Romantic Hike: There’s no better place for a proposal to take place than out on your favorite nature trail. We love the way this one included a darling doggie helper. (via @puppiesforrent)

Collar Pet Proposal

2. Creative Collar: Here comes the beautiful bling, courtesy of an even prettier kitty. Swoon. (via Dhareza Maramis)

Cute Outfit Pet Proposal

3. Tiny Tux: There’s nothing sweeter than a dog or cat dressed up in a tux, especially when the outfit comes complete with a written-out marriage proposal. We think this little guy would also make an awesome ring bearer at the couple’s wedding. (via Jonathan Ivy Photography)

Bow Pet Proposal

4. Beautiful Bow: Imagine waking up and finding a gorgeous ring and bow-balancing furball nestled in bed beside you. We’d say it’s a super sweet setup for any holiday or birthday proposal. (via Megan Stancil)

Chalkboard Sign Pet Proposal

5. Chalkboard Sign: Saying “yes” is easy when it’s a chalkboard-toting pup who’s doing the asking. (via @buffythemastiff)

Ring Box Pet Proposal

6. Ring Box Bearer: Don’t think your pet will be a good sport about rocking a bow? No worries, because just like this puppy, they’re sure to look every bit as charming without one. (via Imgur)

Owl Pet Proposal

7. Flying High: Who hasn’t read Harry Potter and dreamed of adopting her own pet owl? That fantasy can come true, at least for a day, when your sweetie recreates this high-flying proposal that features a trained bird swooping in to deliver the goods. (via Mirror)

Pug Pet Proposal

8. Playful Pugs: Sure, your own pet is beyond cute, but why stop there? This man planned an unforgettable pug-posal by bringing together 16 playful pooches, then sealing the deal with some heart-shaped balloons and, of course, a lovely ring. (via Betsy Marzahn-Ramos and W. Frink)

Tag Pet Proposal

9. Terrific Tag: A “marry me” dog tag and walk on the beach make for one truly romantic moment. (via Justina + Joe and Nathan Fiske Photography)

Ring Push Pet Proposal

10. Special Delivery: Who needs toy mouse when you’ve got a shiny sparkler to bat around? We have a feeling your curious cat will love the ring just as much as you do. (via Caroline + Ben Photography)

Do you give these pet proposals a big paws up? Share your thoughts below.