If you’re going to make a permanent statement, it doesn’t get much bigger, bolder, and brighter than designs from our latest #tattooercrush, the Berlin-based Peter Aurisch. His impactful and artistic technique would make Pablo Picasso proud. Read on to peep some of his most eye-catching ink.


1. Flower Sleeve: If the Crayola 64 Big Box and the Secret Garden had a tattoo lovechild, we think it might look something like this masterpiece. We’re loving the bright hues and unique linework!


2. Peach: The colors are so juicy this design almost looks 3D. We wouldn’t mind having a few prints like this to hang on our kitchen gallery wall.


3. Adebar: This badass bird makes for one epic sleeve. We are totally digging the negative space here.


4. Gorilla: Giant Cubist gorilla FTW.


5. Bird: Pretty bird indeed. This gorgeous tat has just the right amount of color and whimsy.


6. House: Bright, primary colors are kind of our jam here at Brit HQ. An architectural element like this one would look great in just about any spot.


7. Fennel: This is another one we wouldn’t mind having printed on paper and framed in our own house.


8. Sunflower: Bold + cheery sunflowers like these are sure to brighten any day.


9. Dinner: This one’s for all the foodies out there. Doesn’t this dinner tablescape remind you of all your epic summer cookouts?


10. Town: We heart intricate B+W tats, and the linework in this vertical cityscape has us totally mesmerized.


11. Brussels Sprouts: One of our fave veggies in tattoo form? Yes, please.


12. Face: This eye-catching, Picasso-esque masterpiece blows our minds. Talk about a conversation piece.


13. Flower Pitcher: The bold, bright and complementary hues of this flora have us dreaming of our summer gardens.


14. Frida: Who would have thought that a Frida in Cubist form could be so awesome? The on-point shading really takes things to a whole other level.


15. Flower Scene: A fancy flora sleeve like this would definitely up your arm party game.

Which tat are you loving? Any other tattoo artists we should know about or feature in this series? Let us know in the comments below!

(Photos via @peteraurisch)