We’ll always love bold and colorful tattoos, but there’s something SO elegant about intricate B+W designs. Lisa Orth, our latest #TattooerCrush, has an illustrative, linework-based style that has us seriously mesmerized. Lisa, who has a background in fine art and graphic design, got her start as Seattle-based music label Sub Pop Records’ first official art director. Fun fact: during her time in this role she designed the famous Nirvana logo! Today, the talented tattooer calls sunny LA home and takes select appointments and custom artwork requests.

Scroll down for a closer work at some of her amazing designs:


1. Flower: Looking for a chic update on the classic flower? This stunning shoulder design is both elegant and eye-catching.


2. Mount Ranier: We’re totally into the way Lisa captures the epic Washington State mountain. It’s simple yet stunning, and we can’t stop staring.


3. Geometric Swan: Think swans are too fairy-tale whimsical? Lisa’s geometric rendering has us seeing the beautiful bird in a whole new light.


4. California Poppies: Our fave flower mixed with a bright geometric frame make this beauty the ultimate minimalist sleeve.


5. Peonies: Pretty peonies FTW. This sexy tattoo has us ready to get some of our very own flower ink.


6. Farmers’ Market Finds: This one’s for all the foodies out there. Putting your fave fruits and veggies on your your bod is the next best thing to cooking ’em up.


7. Lion: Rar, indeed. A tattoo this fierce will look good just about anywhere.


8. Ship: Ahoy, matey! Harness your inner sailor with some forearm ink to keep your sea legs.


9. Cranes: We heart origami. So this tat — titled “One Thousand Cranes” — is totally our jam.


10. Star Wars: Sci-fi nerds, rejoice! It is now acceptable to get an entire alien planet scene inked on your arm.


11. Oryx: Prisms are not just meant for succulents, y’all. This rad, prism-dwelling oryx is mystical is all the right ways.


12. Sun + Mountain: Let that glorious sun shine all the way down your arm. We’re loving the negative space on this sleeve.


13. Snake: This seductive serpent tat is all kinds of awesome. It would also look great on the forearm.


14. Rainbow Gemstone: Even Lisa has a soft spot for color. While she generally does not offer colorful tats, every now and then she whips out a gem like this one.

Which tat are you loving? Any other tattoo artists we should know about or feature in this series? Let us know in the comments below!

(Photos via @lisaorth)