It’s hard to remember a world without Instagram, but it must have been a dark, scary place where our eggs Benedict didn’t get nearly the attention they deserved. And did we seriously wait for magazines to see what celebrity hairstyles would be the next big thing? Thankfully, the app has made it easier than ever to share travel photos, find style inspiration, follow artists and even create videos and share music with anyone from across the world. If your Instagram is a reflection of how you view the world, then you definitely want it to look good. We’re sharing a few hacks for stepping up your phone photography without splurging on crazy expensive gear.


1. Pocket Spotlight ($30) We’re all familiar with the deer-in-the-headlights look or washed-out subjects that are the result of an ill-timed camera flash. With the help of this continuous pocket-size spotlight, you can tweak lighting to work exactly the way you want it to.


2. Monster Telephoto Lens Kit ($35) Don’t you hate when you want to capture an awesome view, like a concert or the view from the summit of your hike, and your phone lens isn’t cutting it? With this lens upgrade, you’ll be able to do justice to your next photo-worthy scape.


3. Phoneography Starter Kit ($30): Be well on your way to pro status with a wide/macro lens, a Phone-o-chrome phone filter, a full scholarship to Photojojo University and a pouch to hold it all.


4. Bluetooth Selfie Stick ($35): Love it or hate it, sometimes your arms aren’t long enough to get all your friends in the photo, and that’s when the selfie stick is your new best friend.


5. Phone-o-chrome Filter ($15): This #IRL filter does everything your Instagram filters can’t. Make photos look old-timey, warm them up and cool them down just by holding this teensy filter over your phone lens.


6. Smartphone Spy Lens ($20): All you sneaksters can capture great candid photos with the help of this lens, which lets you hold your phone at a natural angle while taking photos straight ahead. Shhh, don’t tell anyone.


7. Bluetooth Camera Shutter Remote ($25): No one’s getting left out of the group photo anymore! Simply prop up your phone and take photos from up to 90 feet away.


8. Solar-Powered Phone Charger ($79): Your phone camera can be a real drain on battery, especially if you’re using extra equipment, but fret not — with this solar-powered charger, two-percent battery life won’t put a kink in the photoshoot fun.


9. Concrete Confetti Fanny Pack ($32): You didn’t think you were just going to carry all this stuff around, did you? No way, Jose. This fanny pack is your best friend for keeping your hands free and your equipment at your side.


10. Polaroid 600 Camera + Film Set ($122): Oh, right! This is what we did before Instagram. Hey, wait, this was kind of fun too. Anybody want to get retro with us?

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