When you think Instagram, you think of your fave celebs posting pics of their jetset lifestyles, maybe some cool engagement story inspo, some delicious food pics and lots and lots of selfies. IG is a great way to keep up with your pals too — and now, you can also follow with their playlists (or share your own) with a brand new music companion app called Sounds (free on iOS and Android). Yep, now you can play Instagram DJ for all your friends.


Sounds features millions of artists and songs, allowing you to discover new music too just by tapping on the various album artwork. If you find something you like, or a song that’s been stuck in your head forever, you can share a clip of the song with all your Instagram followers. Sounds takes advantage of Instagram videos and from within the app, there is an Instagram share icon. From there, it’ll create a 15-second clip of your music of choice you can post on your social media account. Pretty nifty.

Start a new hashtag and call it #MusicMondays. You heard it here first.

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(h/t Your EDM, featured photo via Instagram)