Some call them goldenberries; some call them pichuberries, but we just call them delicious. The orange marble-sized berries from South America are said to be the lost treasure of the Incans because of their health benefits. And we have to agree. The superfood, er, superfruit is low in calories and high in protein and nutrients like vitamin C. It’s an antioxidant that resembles yellow tomatillos, but these cuties are sweet. Literally. Read on for some inspiration from these eight pichuberry recipes.

1. Pichuberry and Bluberry Flaugnarde: In case you’re wondering, a flaugnarde is a French dessert. With arranged berries in the flan-like batter, the dish is the perfect combination of sweet and tart. (via The Egg Farm)

2. Tropical Pichuberry Fruit Salad: Pineapple meets its match in this colorful fruit salad. The colors orange, green, and purple shine in this bowl, but the real star is the pichuberry. The fruit is diabetic-friendly, thanks to a low glycemic index. (via Christy Wilson Nutrition)

3. Pichuberry Mint Cocktail: Sip your way to pure satisfaction with this cocktail. Pichuberries are muddled with sugar and a splash of sparkling water to enhance the sweetness of the exotic fruit. (via Cali Zona)

4. Rhubarb Pichuberry Crumb Bars: We can’t say anything crummy about these bars because they are just *too* beautiful. Pichuberries are paired with rhubarb to make it the quintessential summer recipe. (via Betsylife)

5. Goldenberry Granola Bars: A quick and simple snack used to mean junk food loaded with sugar, but those days are over. These homemade granola bars are made with just seven (we repeat, seven) ingredients and just 10 grams of sugar, thanks to the pichuberries. (via Fit Mitten Kitchen)

6. Pichuberry Red Rice With Pepitas and Tahini Vinaigrette: Dried pichuberries sweeten this salad just a touch, while the pepitas give it crunch. This recipe is flavorful and gluten-free to boot. (via Simple Swaps)

7. Superfood Granola Goldenberries Recipe: Start or finish your day with this super tasty and healthy granola recipe. Freeze-dried goldenberries (AKA pichuberries) add color and a bit of tartness to this homemade granola. (via Avocado Pesto)

8. Pichuberry, Raspberry, and Coconut Muffins: Sweet, tart, and a ton of texture is what you’ll get from these scrumptious muffins. The pichuberries peek through the tops like little suns on the horizon. And our day feels brighter already! (via The Egg Farm)

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