Feeling blah about your exercise routine? Take charge before the hectic holiday season with a cardio cue from some of our favorite A-listers. Here are six of the latest celeb workout trends Hollywood is buzzing over. Challenge yourself to try a new class and you’ll be looking and feeling your best before the holiday party scene starts.


1. Piloxing: There’s a reason why Hilary Duff and Vanessa Hudgens swear by this combo of pilates and boxing, and it has everything to do with feeling empowered while building up your strength. The cardio and strength training workout might be intense, but it will leave you feeling sweaty and sexy after just one session. But trust us, you won’t want to stop. (Photo via Piloxing)


2. Sky Zone: The latest workout to join the ranks is a childhood fave: the trampoline. Julianne Hough is just one of the celeb fans of this old-school-turned-trend exercise routine. Being active with jumping can burn you up to 1,000 calories an hour. Who knew that so much fun could be had while working out? Let’s all go back in time! (Photo via Sky Zone)


3. The Bar Method: We’ve been fans of ballet workouts ever since celebs first started the frenzy, and there’s no better way to build up your tone like Ginnifer Goodwin or Zooey Deschanel than with this classic workout. Lean muscles are attainable, even if barre classes will leave you huffing and puffing your way to that dream ballerina body. (Photo via The Bar Method)


4. Hula Hooping: We all know hula hooping’s biggest fan: Michelle Obama. Luckily, this is one exercise that we can all do at home thanks to companies like Hoopnotica who are bringing it to the masses. Not sure you have the chops to do it? There’s no time like the present to learn why the First Lady swears by this workout. (Photo via Hoopnotica)


5. TRX: Intense strength training workouts don’t come any tougher than this suspension-based training that was born in the Navy SEALs. Loved by the likes of Gisele Bundchen and Gwen Stefani (and more!), the bodyweight exercise uses hundreds of exercises to build flexibility, strength and balance. (Photo via TRX)


6. Belly Dancing: Rihanna and Kim Kardashian may be fans of belly dancing, and we can certainly see why! Whether you’re opting for classes in your area or learning your belly-busting moves on YouTube, this traditional Middle Eastern dance is one of the best (and most engaging) ways to strengthen your core. And who doesn’t want those abs, too? (Photo via Getty)

Which of these workouts would you try? Let us know in the comments below!