As we continue on with Pink Week, we turn our attention to food. Specifically, pink food. Even more specifically, pink lemonade! From cupcakes to ice cream with a pie or two in between, here are 15 unusual ways to serve pink lemonade.

1. Pink Lemonade Cupcakes: These are actually pink Arnold Palmer cupcakes, because we substituted iced tea for water in the cake mix. But would Arnold wear pink? Jury’s out. (via Brit + Co.)

2. Pink Lemonade Bars: Combine raspberries and lemon to make these scrumptious bars all yours. We love the rich raspberry tone. (via Bittersweet Baker)

3. Pink Lemonade Ice Cream: Could that pink be any more neon?! (via Chickabug)

4. Pink Lemonade Donuts: These sweet little donuts get a special tanginess from the citrus flavor. We love the lemonade-yellow icing! (via The Baking Robot)

5. Lavender Lemonade: Of course, we have to include some actual lemonade in this roundup. This floral concoction doubles as a calming beverage. (via Munchin with Munchkin)

6. Pink Lemonade Sherbet Party Punch: What about party punch? Mix up a bit of sorbet with pink lemonade to make this festive float. (via Food Family Finds)

7. Pink Lemonade Confetti Cupcakes: Truth: Any food that looks like confetti is instant win at Brit HQ. (via Skinny Taste)

8. Pink Lemonade Pie: The kicker in this pie? The Ritz Cracker crust! Love that sweet and savory combo. (via The Girl Who Ate Everything)

9. Pink Lemonade Lavender Thyme Sorbet: Another fragrant option, this light frozen dessert would also work well as an amuse bouche between courses. (via Boulder Locavore)

10. Pink Lemonade with Raspberry Syrup: What looks like a standard glass of lemonade is made all the more awesome with the addition of homemade raspberry suryup. (via CHOW)

11. Honeyed Pink Strawberry Lemonade Bars: These bars get a decidedly earthy taste from honey. Nom. (via Aida Mollenkamp)

12. Fluffy Dessert with Pretzel Crust: Wait, does that say pretzel crust? Why yes, it does. And it is making my heart race. (via Betty Crocker)

13. Pink Lemonade Rice Krispie Treats: Remix your favorite no-bake treat with a little pink lemonade icing. (via The Baker Upstairs)

14. Pink Lemonade Cupcake Donuts: These donuts are actually cake donuts! They’re lighter, fluffier, and all you need is the right cake mix. (via Pint Sized Baker)

15. Lemonade Stand Popsicles: Last, an ombre popsicle made from different strengths of pink lemonade. Can summer please come back soon?! (via Somewhere Splendid)

Have you ever made a pink lemonade dessert? Or mixed up your typical pink lemonade recipe? Talk to us in the comments below.