That’s right. The moment pretty much all Pinterest users have been waiting for is finally here: Secret Boards!

If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, here’s a quick primer on the awesomeness of this mobile and web app. Pinterest is an online bulletin board. It makes it easy to collect images you find from anywhere on the web, and pins them to boards based on categories or topics you’ve created and selected. Friends, family, and other folks can follow your boards, and can repin, comment, and like your pins.

But, what about when you’re planning a surprise party? Christmas presents? Or simply aren’t ready to share a certain board with your followers? Up until today, some people have done this with password-protected Tumblr blogs or have even creeped on over to LoveIt, a Pinterest clone that offers secret boards.

Well, Pinterest has finally answered our secret board prayers with today’s exciting launch. Starting now, Pinterest is rolling out a test that lets anyone create up to 3 secret boards. And the boards don’t have to just be secret to you – you can invite friends and family to collaborate on a board. (Pretty perfect for wedding dresses, if you ask us.) Here’s how it works.

Create a board as usual, but turn on the secret button!

Add pins. You’ll be able to identify your secret boards with a clever little lock icon.

There you have it! Your secret board is done and it’s top secret.

And yes, your secrets can go mobile on both Android and iPhone.

Will you use Pinterest secret boards? What other Pinterest features are you hoping to see in the near future? Talk to us in the comments below.