So you just cut off all your hair, and you’re like, “now what?” Or maybe you’re considering taking the plunge but need the extra encouragement to go there. One of the most fun things about a pixie cut, in my opinion, is how versatile short hair can be with just a few tricks up your sleeve. When I first cut off my hair, I was wondering if I’d still be able to curl it and have that wild look that I love, and I figured if it was a concern of mine, chances are it’s a concern for others — so let’s get it! Turns out, curling short hair is super easy to do, as long as you have the right curling iron and a little know-how. This ultimate guide to short hair styling could be the nudge you need to actually hack it off. Trust me — it feels good!


Step 1: Section + Start Curling


I like to start on the heavier side of my hair, and I prefer to curl my hair away from my face. Start by placing the iron at the base of your first section, then hold the ends of your hair out while you twist the wand to feed the rest of the strands in. Leave around a half inch of hair out at the ends for a more piecey/beachy look.

Step 2: Keep the Sections Consistent


Try to keep each section roughly the same size for best results.

Step 3: Continue on the Other Side


When you’re finished with the first side, move over to the other side of your head and curl in the same direction (away from your face again).

Step 4: Add Texture


Add your favorite sea salt spray once your curls have cooled off.

Finishing Touch: Rough It Up


An asymmetrical or really short haircut really lets you get playful with your styling game. Take your fingers and shake them through your sea-salted waves to create a wild, unkempt finish.


Feelin’ sassy!


This hairstyle is def an easier one, but feel free to play around if you want to take it to another level. Try adding a bunch of different-sized curls to really amp up the texture. Remember — no rules!

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