It’s no secret that short hair is having a serious moment right now. Sure, when summer rolls around we’ll probably all be yearning for that “long hair, don’t care” kind of look, but for now, we’re loving those chopped locks. One commonly considered downside when taking the short-hair plunge is that you won’t be able to do as much with it, and the thought of having to do your hair everyday is daunting – we get that. However, we also want to prove you wrong. So whether you already have short hair, you’re looking to spruce it up or you’re planning to chop it all off, here are 16 short updos, hairstyles and cuts to try.



1. Rolled Low Twist: Whether you’re headed to a wedding or grabbing drinks with friends, this sweet hairstyle will work for it all. (via The Wonder Forest)

2. Halo Twist: If you want it all up and out of your face, this halo twist is a great way to get it out of the way, while still looking totally elegant. (via Youtube)


3. Half Top Knot: Showing up everywhere, this style gives you the best of both worlds – sweep hair up out of your face while still keeping some of it loose. No matter your hair length, this is a quick and easy trend to try. (via Her New Tribe)

4. Pineapple Updo: For all you ultra-curly-haired ladies out there, this one’s for you. All you need to get this fun and bouncy pineapple updo is a satin scrunchie –seriously, that’s it. (via Youtube)


5. Face-Framing French Braid: Here’s a hairstyle perfect for when you have something fun like a flower clip to show off. Simply french braid the hair around your face on both sides and pin it behind the ears. (via Rasysa)


6. Faux Updo: Channel your inner vintage vixen with this dramatic faux updo. (via Keiko Lynn)


7. Simple Half Twist: If the top knot is a little too much for you, you can still get your hair out of your face by taking the front sections, twisting them and pinning them in the back. (via Beauty High and Schwarzkopf Professionals)

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8. Crochet Braids: Curls for Days! We’re totally loving this voluminous look! Some serious braiding is required, but it’s worth it for the results. (via YouTube)


9. Perfectly Messy Curls: Grab a 3/4″ or 5/8″ curling iron and some texturizing powder, and go to town on the “disheveled chic” hairstyle. (via Glamourai)

10. Soft Waves: If you’re digging the messy locks but want something a little bit softer, try this technique that uses a curling iron AND a straightener. (via Oiseau88)


11. The Brushless Blowout: Looking to master the perfect blowout? Well hey, you might not even need a brush for that (whaaat?!). Check out this super cool tutorial, which shows how this hairstylist to the stars busts out a perfect blowout using only volumizing spray and a blowdryer. (via NYMag)



12. The Lob: We’re guessing you’ve probably already spotted it at least 10 times today, and it’s easy to see why this sleek, simple style looks good on pretty much everyone and requires minimal maintenance. (via La 21 Eme)

72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Press Room

13. Baby Bob: Take that lob and chop off a few more inches. It falls just below the ear, and we’re loving this fresh spin the the blunt chop. (via Kevin Winter/Getty)

"Breathe In" New York Film Critics Series Screening

14. Versatile Bangs: If you’ve already got a short ‘do but want to add a little something new, add some bangs. Rock Felicity Jones’ longer fringe swept to the side, parted down the middle or straight down. (via Noam Galai/Getty)


15. Face-Framing Layers: Once that short cut starts to grow out, the lack of layers can get to you. Take some inspiration from Selena Gomez’s freshly chopped locks and opt for lots of face-framing layers. (via @selenagomez)


16. Natural Curls Cut to Perfection: Curly haired girls, is there ever a time when your locks aren’t lookin’ flawless? If you’re thinking about cutting them short, consider hitting up a salon or a stylist who specializes in curl cuts. DevaCurl has a Curly Stylist Finder (genius!) that’ll direct you to the right guy or gal for your locks. (Photo via Trop Rouge)

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