We have a serious appreciation for all things creative, like these plus-size Halloween costumes, and we have a hunch you’ll love some of our newest finds too. Afterward, if you still haven’t decided on which costume to wear this Halloween, gather your group of besties and get their opinion — or, better yet, pick out a group Halloween costume and you can all dress up together. Here are 40 of the most curve-lovin’ (and seriously hot) costumes you’ll find out there this season.

1. Yandy Cruella de Vil Costume ($53): Cruella de Vil will always hold a special place among our most-feared villains, right alongside Voldemort and Ursula. After all, she’s going after puppies! But on Halloween, the celebration of the gruesome and morbid, this evilness equates to fabulousness, and we’ll more than forgive you for dressing up like her… just this once.

2. Charades Maleficent Costume ($50): Channel your deepest, darkest powers and channel your inner Maleficent this Halloween. “So you see, the story is not quite as you were told.”

3. Leg Avenue Cozy Fawn Costume ($25+): Wait, so we can look cute *and* be toasty warm?! We’re sayin’ yes to this fuzzy zip-up.

4. Yandy Mile High Club Stewardess Costume ($52): Get ready for liftoff in this flight attendant costume. If you’re a travel-lover, this is the perfect way to bring your passion into your costume.

DIY Jessica Rabbit Costume

5. DIY Jessica Rabbit Costume: This has to be the ultimate curvy bombshell character to channel on Halloween. The dress, gloves, hair, and makeup are bold and will definitely put your bangin’ bod front and center. (via Brit + Co)

6. California Costumes Sexy Kitty Costume ($25+): Frisky attitude not included. This might look simple, but it’s anything but basic.

7. Dreamgirl Dames Like Us Costume ($37+): There’s nothing as fun — and a little dangerous — as the glitz and glamour of the ’20s. Throw on a long string of pearls or do your makeup to look like a ghostly flapper for that extra creative edge.

DIY Ursula Costume

8. DIY Ursula Costume: We’ll always be a sucker for classic Disney costumes. And if you want to give Ursula that extra-special take, you can follow this relatively simple DIY for the costume contest win! (via Brit + Co)

9. Halloween Costumes Mermaid Costume ($80): This is — hands down — one of the best mermaid costumes we’ve ever seen. From the form-fitting metallic mermaid “tail” to the bustier top, this is for sure a look to emulate if you want to flaunt your curves.

10. Yandy Tea Time Alice Costume ($55): Down the rabbit hole you go this Halloween. You never know what’s going to happen when you channel this fairytale classic.

11. Halloween Costumes Sea Siren Costume ($70): You had us at gold, sequins, and tulle. Oh, and we’re always down to rule the sea!

12. Leg Avenue Ninja Assassin Costume ($32+): Unleash a can of whoop a** this Halloween in a comfortable disguise that’s both sleek and sexy.

13. Torrid Disney Belle Princess Dress ($59): We’ll always love our classic Disney princesses, especially this beauty.

14. Fun World Retro Miss Mouse Costume ($19+): You don’t need a Mickey to look fly as heck in a retro-inspired Minnie Mouse getup.

15. Trendy Halloween Egyptian Nile Queen Costume ($100): One of the best reasons to dress up as an ancient Egyptian is obviously the cat-eye makeup.

16. Wholesale Halloween Costumes Seductive Red Riding Hood Costume ($52+): Pay homage to one of your favorite fairy tales with a sexy twist. Plus, if you haven’t worn a cape before, you still haven’t lived.

17. Leg Avenue Flirty Cop Costume ($37+): It may be illegal to impersonate a police officer, but no one ever said a flirty cop was off-limits!

18. Halloween Costumes Fairy Godmother Costume ($70): We could all use a fairy godmother, albeit not this scheming one from Shrek. Still, this is a hilarious costume, and we’re definitely eyeing that wand and wig combo.

19. Yandy Commander Cutie Army Costume ($55): Serve your country by wearing this retro army green uniform.

20. Rubie’s Harley Quinn Costume ($93): We’re impressed with the mismatched thigh-highs and color-coordinated armbands.

21. Leg Avenue Cozy Bat Costume ($60): The name of this costume says it all. If you’re in the mood to prioritize comfort, you’ll feel extra-snuggly in this cozy bat costume.

22. Rubie’s Ghostbusters Costume ($55): If you loved the all-female Ghostbusters as much as we did, grab your friends and go as the whole crew. The best part: On Halloween, there will be plenty of monsters to bust, which makes a great convo starter!

23. California Costumes Lethal Beauty Poison Ivy Costume ($55): Wow, here’s a sexy take on the evil Poison Ivy.

24. Yandy Colorful Mod Babe Costume ($46): Do you like to channel the eras past? Us too. If you’re secretly a ’60s girl at heart, dress up in this mod costume and go crazy with black eyeliner and a pop of lipstick.

25. California Costumes Women’s Oktoberfest Fraulein Costume ($80): The beer maid costume is always a safe choice. It’s cute and classic, and you get to wear pigtails.

26. Yandy Nurse Costume ($50): They’ll need a nurse after you knock ’em out with this costume!

27. Halloween Costumes Snow White Costume ($40+): If you’re going to wear this outfit out on the town, you’ll definitely have at least seven admirers following you wherever you go.

28. Leg Avenue Adult Aye Aye Amy Sailor Costume ($42): Sail the open seas with this sailor costume. This retro getup is all about the accessories and that giant red bow.

29. Yandy Day of the Dead Costume ($88): Another way to celebrate Halloween is to celebrate the dead. Do it in style with this awesome costume.

30. Leg Avenue Womens Plus Size Cozy Skeleton ($48): If you’re into traditional bones, this comfy number will surely scare the living dead out of you.

31. Costumes USA Greaser Babe Costume ($21): This is the perfect Halloween costume for when you don’t really want to dress up. Flats? Check! Awesome jacket to keep you warm? Double check!

32. Supergirl Costume ($35): No one is going to mess with you in this costume, and you might feel faster than a speeding bullet.

33. Dreamgirl Spanish Dancer Costume ($23+): With plenty of sass and a whole lot of ruffles, this costume will have you dancing for joy.

34. Party City Elastigirl Costume ($40): Be your own superhero with this sleek Elastigirl costume. You would look totally incredible in it.

35. California Costumes Dark Alice Costume ($60): We wouldn’t drink the tea that this Alice serves. While we do love the original blue that Disney’s Alice wears, we are really digging this all-black dress too.

36. Little Red Riding Hood Costume ($44): Sorry, Grandma, but we won’t be visiting you tonight. This outfit is made to dance the night away at your next Halloween party. Just make sure all the wolves passersby keep the howling to a minimum.

37. Rubie’s Batgirl Costume ($49): Trick-or-treat in the name of justice! Grab Superman and bring him along too, because you two are friends now, remember?

38. Secret Wishes Miss Voorhees Costume ($62): If you’re team Jason, then you need to buy this sexy number. While we’re not sure who would ultimately win this fight, we’re sure this outfit is already winning our hearts.

39. Justice League Wonder Woman Costume ($106): While Superman is cool and all, we are particularly fond of Wonder Woman. She’s a badass chick that we are ready to represent. Flying an invisible jet doesn’t hurt, either.

40. Yandy Cat Burglar Costume ($73): Feeling feisty? Go classic cat *with* a whip. Meeeow.

41. DC Comics DC Comics Super Villains Harley Quinn Costume ($30): Channel your inner “We’re bad guys. It’s what we do” attitude.

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