Pokemon Go was released last week and the world just hasn’t been the same since, particularly for scorned S.O.’s the world over. Whoever said technology is good for relationships CLEARLY conducted their study pre-Pokemon, cause girlfriends and boyfriends alike are suddenly finding themselves taking a backseat to Squirtle, and they are NOT having it.

pokemon app

Taking to Twitter to express their (often hilarious!) frustrations, they’re channeling their pain into Tweets that we can’t help but be totally amused by (#sorrynotsorry). Below, we present 11 times Pokemon Go almost ruined it all — the horror!

1. When Devious Maids actor Gideon Glick reflected on where he might have gone wrong in life to end up here, proving even celebs aren’t immune to Pokemon woes.

2. When S.O.’s everywhere just weren’t quite sure how to handle all the sudden and unexpected competition.

3. When a once secure relationship was suddenly mired with doubt and suspicion.

4. When an attempt to flex sex appeal only seemed to backfire.

5. When it interrupted a romantic date.

6. When it made it physically impossible to make it anywhere on time.

7. When boyfriends started leaving girlfriends in the dust.

8. Even when it was supposed to be all about them.

9. When some lost their boyfriends entirely.

10. When others longed to get that pre-Pokemon spark back.

11. And finally, when some were witness to… this.

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