Have you checked the calendar recently? ‘Cause we aren’t sure if it’s 2016 or 2001. With the return of Pokémon, Blink 182 putting out a new song, a Clinton running for president and Tarzan in theaters, we could easily be fooled into thinking we stepped into Doc Brown’s time machine and wound up in the early 2000’s. But, TBH, 2001 is pretty close to the ’90s (which we love), so we’re okay with it ;) Our Pokémon Halloween costume not only involves your besties, but also your pooch! Get your pet owner friends together this Halloween and dress up as trainers and Pokémon.


First up is Ash and his best bud Pikachu. For Ash’s costume, you need some jeans in a light wash and a dark green shirt. We weren’t lucky enough to find a blue collared shirt with white sleeves, so we created our own. Buy a blue and white shirt from the thrift store, cut off the sleeves and collar, then re-sew these pieces together to create a two-toned shirt. Use yellow felt and hot glue to apply the yellow trim detailing. Finish off the costume with a lime green glove and a red trucker hat with the signature symbol.


Sir Otis came back to join us for another shoot but was not thrilled about being Pikachu (hehe). To create this costume, purchase a yellow dog shirt and add two black stripes to the tail end of the shirt. Use cardboard and felt to create the ears and tail. Attach with elastic and then slide onto your pooch’s head and belly.


Up next is Brock and his sidekick Vulpix. Brock’s costume is pretty simple — burnt orange shirt, brown pants and a green army vest. Step your trainer game up with a bounty of Pokéballs made out of tennis balls covered in balloons. Use hot glue to keep the different colored balloons in place.


To create Vulpix’s voluptuous tail, use batting foam and spray paint. Cut out the shape of a tear drop in three sizes and then hot glue them together. Use elastic to create a band to put around your pup’s belly. Don’t forget to create a spiky piece to sit on the top of your pooch’s head.


Meet Misty and her Pokémon Togepi. Misty’s outfit is pretty simple — high waisted shorts, yellow crop top and red suspenders. Throw your hair up in a high side pony, and if you are brave enough, spray paint it orange.


Togepi’s costume is pretty simple — it’s just a bowl! Fair warning, this costume is best for small dogs only. Spray paint the bowl light gray and use Sharpies to decorate it with Togepi’s pattern.


If you were a Pokémon, I’D CHOOSE YOU! (P.S. This is a great couples costume.)


The gang’s all here! Let’s go catch ’em all!

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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden
Models: Ray Vazquez, Zane Riley, Elise Cofield
Photography: Kurt Andre