Oh, the ’90s. It’s no secret that we’re pretty obsessed with that grungy, boy-bandy, iconic decade, so why should we leave Halloween out of our obsession? Here are the 39 most ’90s-inspired costumes we’ve ever seen, that our friend, the internet, has gifted us.

1. Baywatch : Or was it Bae watch?

2. DIY Poison Ivy : Don’t get us started on all the ways to be Uma Thurman this Halloween. Get into her ’90s character from back when George Clooney played Batman.

3.Dylan and Brenda from Beverly Hills, 90210 : We had to serve this one up side by side — that strapless dress with giant white bow and black gloves is just too good. In true 90210 fashion, this is definitely one of the more angsty, volatile couples of the ’90s.

4. Rugrats: This is definitely a more adult take on the classic cartoon we watched as kids. But hey, a baby’s gotta grow up sometime!

5. Lisa Turtle : We think of this one as a ’90s mashup as a cross between Lisa Turtle and Kelly Kapowski — the volume and sunny attitude is all Kelly, and the incredible vest and gold lame mini dress has Lisa written all over it.

6. Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell : This Halloween champ nailed the It-girl’s famous look, down to that feathery ’90s hair.

7. Tamagotchi : Chances are you had your very own digital pet back in the day. Never forget — the game all but invented the poop emoji!

8. Blink-182 Nurse: No ’90s-baby will ever forget that smokin’ hot nurse from one of the decade’s most popular bands. This babe even nailed the pose.

9. Carrie Bradshaw from Sex & the City : SOMUCHYES. Every fashionista will appreciate Carrie’s classic ballerina look from SATC.

10. Forrest Gump and Lieutenant Dan : It’s time to channel your inner Gary Sinise and Tom Hanks for this classic couples costume. #runforrestrun

11. Tony the Tiger : This costume is grrrrrrrrreat!

12. Ashley Spinelli from Recess: Dress like the toughest member of the squad for an edgy throwback look this Halloween.

13. Janet Jackson : YAASS! Rhythm Nation was the absolute best!

14. ’90s Britney Spears : Remember when Brit first broke out onto the scene with her epic “Baby, One More Time” vid and that H-O-T schoolgirl outfit? ‘Nuff said.

15. Gwen Stefani circa No Doubt: Stefani was a total It-girl of the era. We’ll never forget her blue hair phase.

16. Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer: So good. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the most badass throwback character.

17. The Fresh Prince and Carlton : First up, this rules. It’s not unusual to find yourself wanting to recreate this perfectly executed costume.

18. Cher and Dionne in Clueless :Clueless , obvs! Just make sure you get old school cell phones to complete the look.

19. Daria and Jane : Celebrities sort of have an unfair advantage when it comes to costumes with the whole knowing-lots-of-costume-makers thing, but we think non-celebs could pull off this straightforward Daria and Jane costume. You’re standing on my neck.

20. Axl and Slash : Confession: The Slash in this ’90s throwback is also the person writing this article. Welcome to the jungle, baby!

21. Steve Urkel :Uhh, did I do thaaaat?

22. Little Pete and Artie : Nickelodeon certainly had its share of iconic shows back in the day, and Pete and Pete was no exception. And Petunia? The best name for a tattoo ever.

23. Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski : Our childhood’s answer to Romeo and Juliet, these two are simply the best. Also, the Zack on the right might actually be Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

24. Hey Arnold : Surprisingly, there are a TON of Hey Arnold costumes to be seen on Google Image search. The homemade quality of this one made it our fave.

25. TLC :What about your friends? Going for early TLC style, this trio of besties knows what’s up in the neon style department.

26. Spice Girls : Oh hey, that’s Brit + Co! We donned ourselves in tank tops depicting different spices in honor of the Spice Girls reunion last year.

27. Wayne and Garth : Party on, babies .

28. Beanie Babies : Speaking of babies, remember when collecting beanie babies was everyone’s get-rich-quick scheme?

29. Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love : One of the entries to our costume contest last year, the dog in this one makes us smile.

30. Pulp Fiction : I’ll take a Royale with Cheese.

31. The Simpsons : Now that is some serious DIY talent.

32. The Big Lebowski : We think the dude would definitely abide.

33. Toy Story Army Men : Look at the shoes! So good. These are actually characters from a parade at Disney, but make great inspiration for a costume.

34. Carmen Sandiego : The only thing that would make this costume better would be if Rockapella showed up.

35. Gameboy and Nintendo : Arguably, these might make the cut for best ’80s costumes, but both were definitely part of our ’90s lives.

36. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : This might be one of our favorite jumping photos ever – the painted on six packs really seal the deal.

37. Ace Ventura Pet Detective: Dressing your baby as Ace Ventura is pretty dang awesome.

38. Men in Black: DIY cardboard weapons and stoic attitudes required.

39. Scooby Doo Crew : Last, the Scooby Doo crew!

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