If we had our way there would be bright colors in every room in our homes, but there’s only so many colorful accessories you can buy. That’s why were excited about these unexpected ways to add bright pops of color From painting the interiors of your cabinets yellow to neon green baseboards, you’ll never run out of ways to transform your home.

1. Yellow Radiator: Who would have thought that a bright yellow radiator would look so good? We’re seriously considering this upgrade. (via Apartment Therapy)

2. Colorful Linens: One way to brighten up your bedroom? Use minimal bed linens in a shockingly bright color. The best part about this home, though? You can rent it out! (via Design Tripper)

3. Monochrome Bathroom: We love how this predominantly black and white bathroom is offset by bright yellow accessories. And the surprise of the room is that the drawers interiors are painted the same sunny hue. (via De Meza Architecture)

4. Bright Doors: If painting your walls intimidates you, start with just your doors. They are easier to do since you can remove them to paint, and they make a big impact with a small investment. (via Knstrct)

5. Polka Dot Stairs: While the combination of the pink and polka dots might seem a touch girly, we like the concept and would love to see it done in a black and white with pops of brighter colors. (via Dos Family)

6. Bright Baseboards: This pop of color is one of our favorite surprises. The bright green is minimal enough that it doesn’t over power the room but gives it a lot of life. The fact that the color is echoed in the accessories really ties the room together.(via Houzz)

7. Colorful Dishes: In an all white kitchen, glass cabinet fronts and colorful dishes will add life to the room and prevent it from feeling too sterile. (via Apartment Therapy)

8. Bright Dining Chairs: It’s one thing to add bright dining chairs into an already colorful house, but placing them in a decidedly neutral environment really makes them stand out. We love the range of colors around this circular table. (via Jessica Helgerson Interior Design)

9. Neon Table Legs: We love the way this neon paint actually looks like a stain and lets the wood grain show through. It would be an easy DIY with an unfinished wood table. (via Sara Woodrow)

10. Fuchsia Chandelier: If you have a boring light fixture in your dining room or bedroom right now, consider giving it a colorful upgrade. A vintage chandelier becomes a statement piece with a little bit of primer and paint. (via Vickie Howell)

11. Painted Brick Fireplace: We found surprisingly few brightly colored fireplaces, but love the idea of a pop of color instead of brick. Just be careful choosing the paint if your fireplace actually works. (via Apartment Therapy)

What’s your favorite way to add color to your home? Tell us in the comments!