Nick Lachey may be teaming up with Donnie Wahlberg to make a show about boy bands (woo!), but the former 98 Degrees singer will have to become a master of balancing an over-the-top busy schedule. That’s because he and his love, Vanessa Lachey, are expecting baby number three. And with Nick just returning home from tour, Vanessa felt like it was the perfect opportunity to give him one of the best surprises of his life.

Giving fans a peek at the adorable moment, 36-year-old Vanessa filmed 43-year-old Nick as he was just arriving home, coming up the walkway while towing his suitcase behind him. But as soon as he looks in the wide open front door, he not only sees his little ones (two-year-old Camden and one-year-old Brooklyn) waiting for him, he can also see the surprise set up inside.

Vanessa posted a video of the big reveal to Instagram, letting fans in on the story behind the surprise, saying, “I have so much to be Thankful for this year… especially our littlest Lachey. When Daddy came home from tour this Summer and we were moving into our new house I shared the news!👶🏼💙 Now I’m sharing it with you! I am so very Thankful and Grateful for this family of mine! And Thankful for YOU! All your Love & support makes what we do FUN and worth it! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Love, V 😘”

That’s right, Vanessa used the classic color to make the announcement (as well as a giant balloon banner spelling it out), with their two children both dressed in blue outfits carrying blue balloons, signifying that the new baby is a boy. So cute!

Nick reposted the vid with the caption, “Best surprise ever!” No doubt!

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