We all have secret ingredients we fall back on to make our meals a little brighter. Maybe you use sun-dried tomatoes or leftover garlic in every recipe you try. But sometimes you want to add something truly vibrant to your meal, an ingredient that will make all the other flavors in your dish *sing.* These 15 preserved lemon recipes showcase what’s sure to be your next favorite secret ingredient.

1. Moroccan Quinoa Stuffed Peppers: Preserved lemons add big flavor to vegetarian dishes. These stuffed peppers are a satisfying meatless meal. (via Port and Fin)

2. Lamb Tacos With Preserved Lemons and Fenugreek Aioli: Lamb is delicious, but its gamey flavor often requires a little *something* to set it off. Preserved lemons and a fenugreek aioli more than do the trick in this recipe. (via Talia Bunting)

3. Preserved Lemon Chicken Soup With Rosemary: Reinvent a comfort food classic with this recipe. Tangy citrus and woodsy rosemary add a whole new dimension of flavor to your favorite childhood dish. (via Soup Addict)

4. Roasted Cauliflower With Capers and Preserved Lemons: Cauliflower can taste kind of boring on its own. Mix it with preserved lemon and capers, however, and you’ve got a *star* side dish that you’ll want to make again and again. (via Eat in My Kitchen)

5. Preserved Lemon Couscous Salad: Pearl couscous has a heartier bite than the instant stuff you’re used to. Add in some nuts, fruits, chickpeas, and preserved lemon, and you’ve got an entree-worthy salad. (via Goodie Godmother)

6. Oven Fries With Feta and Preserved Lemon: You won’t miss the ketchup when you eat these fries. They’re seasoned with feta and punchy, salty citrus, for a dish of potatoes that actually tastes light. (via Cravings in Amsterdam)

7. Roasted Tomato and Preserved Lemon Vinaigrette: Salads don’t have to be boring, and making your own dressing is the easiest way to bring them new life. Bright and sunny with the flavors of tomato and lemon, this vinaigrette is great on everything from hearty kale to roasted veggies. (via Mid-Life Croissant)

8. Millet Polpette With Pea Puree: Crispy millet polpette make for a mean vegetarian “meat” ball. Keep them from tasting too heavy by pairing them with vibrant preserved lemon, mint, and peas. (via The Sunday Larder)

9. Classic Moroccan Preserved Lemons: You can save a lot of money at the store by making your own preserves. This recipe has just two ingredients: lemons and salt. (via Cooking the Globe)

10. Penne With Burrata, Peas, and Preserved Lemons: Buttery burrata cheese turns any pasta dish into a decadent experience. It can be a little rich, though, so some fresh green veggies and a bit of acid help balance things out. (via Fix Me a Little Lunch)

11. Fennel and White Bean Soup: A hearty, creamy white bean soup always hits the spot. Jazz up the flavor with sweet fennel, fresh lemon juice, and minced preserved lemon to give every bite a slight pucker. (via Maikin Monomin)

12. Roast Chickpea Cauliflower Bowl With Preserved Lemon and Mint: Roasted cauliflower combined with chickpeas is a hearty combo that works well in vegetarian main dishes. Seasoned with preserved lemon and mint, it will make your lunch hour feel a little more special. (via My Goodness Kitchen)

13. One-Pot Pasta Chermoula: Some one-pot pastas can taste bland, but thanks to preserved lemon chermoula, this recipe is bursting with flavor. Add a few veggies and some beans for protein, and you’ve got an easy peasy weeknight meal. (via Eat Loves Eats)

14. Sweet Potato Cakes With Preserved Lemon Yogurt Sauce: Creamy, tangy yogurt sauce makes these crispy sweet potato cakes. Serve atop a bed of greens and you’ve got an easy, elegant dinner. (via My Berkeley Kitchen)

15. Preserved Lemon Chicken Skillet: Don’t let yourself fall into a boring chicken rut. Pair it with bold ingredients so you never find yourself dreading your own dinner. (via Joanie Simon)

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