If you’re reading this, you are awake. Reports of President Trump’s social media-based endorsement of Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore are not a nightmare. The President is, in actual, real AF waking life, backing a man who has been accused of sexually assaulting eight women, most of whom say they were underage when Moore molested them.

Trump’s first pro-Moore tweet also somehow managed to place the blame for the whole alleged-child-molester-as-senator fiasco at the feet of the Democratic Party. How? By accusing House of Representatives Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of not cooperating with Republicans to pass Trump’s apocalyptic (for everyone except the super-rich) tax bill. Here’s Trump’s latest head-spinning tweet:

Which was followed up by:

Next—just as we were all about to breathe a sigh of relief and/or bitter exhaustion thinking that was all there was—Trump reportedly put in a call to Moore (a man who supports the right to refuse cake to people based on religious grounds but is accused of giving alcohol to a 14-year-old before removing her clothing and assaulting her in his home). The phone call, wrote Moore’s wife on her Facebook page, was to officially express support for his candidacy in the election set to take place on December 12.

We realize that you’ve probably reached the point in this story where you just can’t take anymore, but there’s one more important thing to mention: the most recent election polls show Roy Moore with a slight lead over his Democrat opponent Doug Jones. Most Republican voters (71 percent of them) don’t believe the allegations made against Moore. Also, we still don’t have an app that presents the latest Trump-related news in the style of Star Wars’ opening crawl. Weren’t we promised that?

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(Image via Jim Watson/AFP/Getty)