We could tell you all about how each of these rugs will take you on a magic carpet ride. Or we could tell you about how they’ll definitely make you want to put on the latest Girl Talk album and cut a rug. Or we can just let all these gorgeous colors, patterns, and textures do the talking. Here are 25 beautiful rugs, perfect for perking up your space.

1. Blue Scalloped Rug ($20-$100): The scalloped pattern in this rug makes us think of summer, the beach, and Sally selling seashells by the seashore.

2. Istanbul Rug ($149-$999): We’re pretty into this whole scene! Old school jams, rustic floorboards, and a beautiful minimal rug.

3. Geo-Diamond Rug ($99): If a firework were to reincarnate in rug form, we think it would look like this.

4. Fairisle Rug ($1,400 and up): Available in Rose Cloud, Mineral/Gray, Peacock Orange, and Natural/Brown, these hand-loomed wool rugs are inspired by a classic Fairisle sweater design

5. Rainbow Zig Zag Rug ($24): Love this boho chic bit of floor beauty.

6. Loom Insitu Collection: A shop in Australia, Loom creates incredibly unique, colorful, beautiful rugs for the home. Might need to plan a field trip!

7. Shag Rug ($29-$89): Any way you want it, shag’s the way you need it! And yes, we just referenced Journey.

8. Flutter Pattern Rug ($78-$1,298): This lovely one makes us think of looking through a kaleidoscope… and we like it.

9. Kabuki Cotton Printed Dhurri ($39-$99): This almost looks like denim – love all the different patterns at play in a somewhat muted palette.

10. Runners by Claudia Mills ($780 and up): How amazing and springy are these runners? Swoon.

11. Ewe Block Rug ($89): We love the sort of 8-bit digital quality this rug’s rocking.

12. Chevron Wool Rug ($149-$999): Chevron! Really in love with Alyson Fox’s textiles.

13. Digit Collection (contact to order): Pixelated rug? Yes, please.

14. Losanges Rug ($4,741): At over $4,000, this is definitely an investment piece and an incredibly beautiful one.

15. Half Dot Rug ($44): Feeling a little indecisive on the age old polka dots versus florals quandary? ;)

16. Cutouts Wool Rug ($129-$799): This modern is like a 60s take on a more muted, minimal palette.

17. Queen of England Stamp Rug (contact to order): Wait, what? Yeah. This is a real carpet you can buy.

18. Minar Rug ($698): On the left we have the Minar rug, richly hued and hand loomed.

19. Tufted Chimbor Rug ($448-$698): And on the right, we’ve got texture, texture, and more texture!

20. Rainbow Rug ($180): Speaking of texture, this rug was made with a ton, and I mean a TON, of wool balls.

21. Stencil Wool Rug ($90-$650): Another one designed by Alyson Fox, we love the offbeat look of this stencil design.

22. Felt Dot Carpets ($1,600): More felt balls! Stitched by hand, each of these rugs was made with over 1,000 felted wool spheres.

23. Kiara Rug ($78-$1,298): Tribal-inspired textiles are all over the place at the moment, and your floor should be no exception.

24. Kipp Rug in Yellow + Persimmon ($199-$799): This reminds us of the types of patterns you might make with tangrams. Love it!

25. Sonya Winner Rugs ($945 and up): Giant piles of colorful shapes? Why yes, that is right up our alley. Bookmarking this for Brit HQ.

Bonus! Anthropocene: These works of art were created by David Thomas Smith based on Google Maps. He reworks each map into a piece inspired by traditional Persian carpet patterns. Pretty amazing.

How do you liven up your space? Talk to us in the comments below.