Go ahead and cancel your Netflix binge plans, because there are some seriously cool projects coming at you this weekend. Whether you鈥檙e heading back to school or not, the end of summer is the perfect opportunity to invest some time in a few crafty聽organization projects. Don鈥檛 worry; there are a lot of fun things to do, like an easy manicure art hack and a succulent garden that will never die. Scroll on down for 11 projects you鈥檒l definitely want to make before Monday rolls back around.


1. DIY Felt Succulent Planter Box: More succulents, you guys. But this time, they鈥檙e made out of felt, wool roving and pom poms and will never, ever die on you. Promise. (via Brit + Co)


2. DIY Free Printable Gummy Bears: Gummy bears are just about the trendiest snack on the block (have you tried these gummy bear shots yet?), so it only makes sense to turn them into decor. Print off a pile and string them together into a garland or use them as gift toppers. (via Oh Happy Day)


3. DIY Marble +聽Gold Side Table: The Olympics are just around the corner, which means a lot of entertaining in front of the television. If you鈥檙e planning an epic viewing party, DIY this mini table ASAP. See ya, TV tray table 鈥 this marble and gold option just stole our hearts. (via Sugar & Cloth)


4. DIY IKEA Storage Hack: Raise your hand if there鈥檚 at least one room in the house that could do with some extra storage. Whether you鈥檙e facing the daunting task of fitting into a dorm room, or you鈥檙e a makeup maven who just ran out of counter space, this IKEA hack will give you the extra storage you鈥檙e craving. (via Brit + Co)


5. DIY Shibori Kimono: Before you splurge on one last summer outfit, try making your own kimono. It鈥檚 probably the easiest sewing project ever, and the flowy fabric will totally cover up any mistakes you might make. (via Persia Lou)


6. DIY Pocket Storage: If your desk or craft table feels a little crowded, you definitely need this hanging storage in your life. Use colorful foam or soft leather for a chic organization option that doesn鈥檛 take up any floor space. (via The Lovely Drawer)


7. DIY Tassel Tees: Transform your basic tees into trendy pieces with just a few supplies. Add rows of tassels to your sleeves, the bottom hems or anywhere else on your tee that you鈥檇 like to add color and flair. (via Brit + Co)


8. DIY Egg Pun Postcards: Even if you didn鈥檛 get to take that much-deserved vacation this summer, you can still send out some snazzy postcards. Fill your friends鈥 mailboxes with something more fun than bills with these colorful and funny printable postcards. (via Make and Tell)


9. DIY Sewing Hoop: Instead of gifting your BFF yet another candle, switch things up with an amazing online class to inspire her creative streak. Pair one of these classes with a handmade tool holder for all of her new supplies. And maybe make one for yourself while you鈥檙e at it. (via Brit + Co)


10. DIY Day Week Underwear: These would be a hilarious gift for anyone heading back to college life, but they鈥檇 also look pretty great in your underwear drawer. Seriously, who can say no to tighty-whities with cute iron-on graphics? (via Studio DIY)


11. DIY Super Easy Wink Wink Mani: If you鈥檝e never quite gotten the hack of that teeny tiny nail art brush, you鈥檒l love this sneaky hack. Pull out the gel pens and give your nails the art they deserve with minimal frustration. Well, until you get to your other hand. (via A Beautiful Mess)

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