Fact: We all love a good Jello shot (or two) every once in a while, but what if I told you there was a much simpler way to make this novelty goodness without a stove?! Enter gummy bear shots and cocktails! We experimented with a handful of different alcohols, cocktails and shots to give you a run down on which gummy bear goodness you should bring to your next summer BBQ. These drunken gummy bears are sure to be popping up at all of your pool parties this summer as a garnish or a bite-sized boozy treat.

Boozy Gummy Bears Recipe


— gummy bears, gummy dinosaurs and gummy cola bottles

— various types of alcohol: Champagne, Riesling, Fireball, vodka

— Moscow mule mix

— lemon juice



1. Mix up your favorite shot or cocktail in a mason jar and let gummy bears soak up the flavor for about 5 hours.

Boozy Gummy Bears Recipe

The first alcohol we tried was Champagne. I let a few soak for five hours and some soak over night. The longer they sit in the mixture the more the gummy bears soak up but also dissolve. I preferred them at the five-hour mark because they still had the gummy bear form but definitely tasted like alcohol. The Champagne gummy bears were alcoholic but very easy to munch on.

Boozy Gummy Bears Recipe

Next up was Fireball paired with dinosaur gummies. These gummies are larger so they need to soak longer. I left them in the fridge overnight and they were a delicious boozy treat in dinosaur form. Warning: These gummies are definitely strong and taste like you are taking a shot.


We mixed Riesling with the clear pineapple-flavored gummy bears. Keep these in the fridge because they are much better when chilled.

Boozy Gummy Bears Recipe

Root beer gummies + beer?! It was a long shot, but we had to try it. Verdict is that these ended up tasting like old stale beer. I would stick with Champagne.

Boozy Gummy Bears Recipe

Time for cocktails! We mixed the lime gummies into a Moscow mule cocktail to create a flavored garnish. The pairing of ingredients really made the gummy bears taste like a mini cocktail, so maybe just ditch the drink and snack on these ;)

Boozy Gummy Bears Recipe

Last but not least, lemon drop gummy bears. Here at B+C we may be obsessed with this shot, so we needed to test it in gummy bear form. It is a winner, but definitely strong.


Slide these gummies onto a toothpick to garnish the edge of your shot or skip the shot and add a few to a toothpick :)


Gummy bears are the perfect addition to any glass of alcohol, in my opinion :)

Boozy Gummy Bears Recipe

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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden
Photography: Kurt Andre