Succulents are pretty awesome. They are great house plants that require little-to-no upkeep and they’re sooooo good looking. Plus, check out how many fun containers you can put them in! Praise aside, somehow I still end up killing all of the succulents I put in my small room. I don’t blame me — I blame the lack of sunlight (#smallspacecityproblems). Today I’ve decided to tackle this problem the only way I know how: by crafting! Follow along to learn how to create different types of succulents out of felt, the material that never dies.



— green felt

— green wool balls

— green felting wool

— green embroidery floss

— hot pink rocks

— pink felt (not pictured)

— planter box

— floral foam


— fabric scissors

— hot glue gun

— needle



1. Cut out four sets of eight petals in the same shape but different sizes. Starting with the largest petals, glue one set of eight into a ring (or flower shape). Glue the others together the same way. Then glue the rings on top of each other to form a succulent (largest ring on the bottom; smallest ring on the top).

2. String 5-9 wool balls onto embroidery floss using a needle. Tie four strands together to create sedum burrito (a type of succulent).

3. Lay out sheets of felting wool, then roll them into a ball. Wrap embroidery floss around the ball, creating eight sections, and top with a pink flower to create astrophytum asterias.

4. Lay blocks of floral foam in the bottom of a planter box and hot glue succulents in place. Fill empty spaces with hot pink rocks.


We’ll start off by making the most common succulent we see lining the shelves of nurseries. Cut out a set of eight petals the same shape, then cut eight more in the same shape, but 70% smaller. Do this four times so you have four sizes of the same shape. Glue leaves that are the same size together to create disks, then glue four disks on top of each other, starting with the largest disk on the bottom.


We’re not kidding when we say this succulent is called sedum burrito. String 5-9 wool balls onto embroidery floss using a needle. Create four strands and tie together to create a bunch.


I honestly wanted to create felted balls for this succulent, but just didn’t have the patience to sit and stab the felt until it became the right shape. Instead, I rolled the felting wool into a ball and used embroidery floss tied around the ball to create eight sections. Cut out a pink felt flower and stitch to the top of this astrophytum asterias.


No need for real plants when you have felt plants that look so good!


We picked up this “planter box” from the container store, but any container will do. Fill the box with floral foam and let the succulents rest on top.


Use hot glue to attach the succulents to the foam. We suggest laying them out before you start gluing so you don’t run out of space.


Fill in the empty spots with rocks — we sprayed ours hot pink :)


PSA: These succulents will never die ;)


What we love about this planter box is that it is super lightweight and can be hung almost anywhere!


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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden
Photography: Brittany Griffin