There’s nothing better than educational toys… except educational toys that are freaking adorable! Meet Prismland, a series of lovable plush toy characters that help kids learn the basics of 3D shapes and geometry. The company is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter and still needs help if they are going to meet their goal — so let’s learn a bit more about these cute little things.

Prismland’s PrismPals were designed by Toronto artist Jess Chen, who enlisted mechanical engineer pal Matthew Mayers to help with the design. The two have a vision to improve educational toys, and they hope PrismPals are only the start. These little critters are meant for ages 3-5 (also adults like us… maybe?).

They are a bit different than the typical shape-sorter toys for this age range in that the shapes are characters with personality. Each PrismPal has its own story that explores the properties of their geometric shape, which should, in turn, foster a child’s early understanding of spatial dynamics. So what kind of stories are we talking about? Cubert, for example, “knows how to think outside the box.” Hexter enjoys discussing the Prismland bumblebee problem, because the bees just won’t leave him alone. And Squerrison is very sporty, but hates bowling.

In addition to the cute backstories of the characters, PrismPals come with resources, worksheets and activities for parents and teachers to use in tandem with the toys. These activities are separated by grade level and objectives, so that you can continue to use PrismPals as a child grows older. Interested in getting your own? Send $30 Canadian their way before November 1 and that can definitely happen.

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