Whether or not you’re embracing Moroccan or Greek roots, there’s no denying the beauty in a colorful print. Believe us when we tell you, these graphic details have come a long way since you were snoozing through your high school geometry class. We’re giving you a complete inspiration guide filled with geometric accessory ideas for your home and even more ideas to add a unique touch to that bare bones room you’ve been wondering what to do with.

1. Kimsa Wallpaper ($60): We’re loving the versatility and price point of this print. This Rotterdam-based designer offers you the ability to purchase his work as wallpaper, fabric or gift wrap. How amazing is that?

2. Hand Painted Wall: We promise you’ll never have nightmares about parallelograms or quadrilaterals if you take on this DIY challenge. A stunning arrangement of hand-painted shapes in pastel colors. This look leaves you with serenity and undeniable style. (via Weekday Carnival)

3. Brittle Stars on Blue Print ($190): With sunshine season just around the corner, this print is an ideal alternative for summer lovin’ decor. With its bold pattern and color palette, it’s a perfect addition to the less colorful room in your abode. Let this one shines on its own!

4. Arrow Painting ($80): Some color combinations just work, and this fuchsia-and-violet combination is screaming for your walls. This designer even lets you choose your own color combination if you feel like getting a little crazy.

5. Wood Rug: Moroccan wool rugs are seriously on trend, and they’re here to stay. We’re seeing everything from neutral and shaggy patterns to wildly colorful designs like this one. You can find affordable options almost anywhere these days. (via Secret-Berbere)

6. Canvas Collage Art: Bold, rustic and beautiful — this collage of geometric bliss was created to reflect a rustic yet nerdy appeal. Easy enough to DIY with tape, paint and a blank canvas. We’re loving this unique addition to a simple space. (via Ruffled Blog)

7. Ikea Dresser: Who doesn’t love a genius geometric Ikea hack? Try using overlay shapes and simply glue an entirely new look to your Ikea find. No one will ever know! And how perfect is that wallpaper background combo? (via Adore Magazine)

8. Veena Grey Window Panels: ($110:) These curtains are a must if you’re looking to create a relaxing and calming space. The delicate geometric pattern is just enough to turn heads and create style for days.

9. Gold Napkin Ring Set ($20): We can’t think of one reason not to buy these little gold beauties. For a steal of a price, you’re making dinner beautiful and geeky all at the same time. Best. Find. Ever.

10. Pencil Holder: With any type of design, the devil is in the details and this DIY geometric pencil holder is funky enough to stand out and pretty enough to make you smile while you work. (via Tiny Prints Blog)

Have we inspired you to take a bold and geometric approach to your home decor? Tell us which projects you’re taking on in the comments below!