When’s the last time you opened up Instagram (just for a second!) then suddenly realized you’d been scrolling through dreamypics for two hours? If it’s happened a few times, no shame. You can tell us. But we’re here to tell you there’s a better way to stay on track, be more productive and say goodbye to those wasted hours.

The genius 30/30 app is based on an age-old idea that highest productivity happens when you focus on a single task, completely uninterrupted for half an hour. When the time is up, you take a half hour break. The short bursts of work keep distractions at bay and productivity to the max. While this 30/30 idea may not be new, the way this app presents the idea is cutting edge. While the 30-minute work, 30-minute break model gives the app its name, the actual platform allows you to take that idea and tailor it to you. Give each task its own time allotment and dedicate that amount of time to thinking only about that task. We know it will be hard to keep from browsing your favorite online shop, but that’s what the break is for.

If you’ve ever been totally at a loss to solve a problem, then step out to dinner and instantly think of the solution, you already understand how helpful this free app can be. In addition, regularly rewarding yourself with a break from a task keeps your mind incredibly sharp and ready to work when you’re not breaking. Did you ever think an app would be able to trick your brain into working smarter? Pretty futuristic stuff, guys! The 30/30 app cares so much about making you more productive, it doesn’t even rely on buttons. Simple gestures navigate you through the app so you won’t waste time between tasks messing with your phone. A user-friendly interface shows you your current task and how much time is left. Pretty cool, huh? And handy when your to-do list just keeps growing.

Do you use any apps to keep you productive? What are your biggest distractions from work?